PA West Soccer

PA West Adult League

PA West Adult League

Online Tournament

Season: FIFA Season 1 | Platform: Xbox One

Playoffs Start
Sep 30
7:00pm EDT

Start Date
Aug 26
7:00pm EDT


Reg Type

Game Titles
  • FIFA 20

PA West Adult League

Welcome to the PA West Adult League! Please take a look at the competitions that are offered below! 

The PA West Adult League features adults from each state association participating in a light hearted competition each week. 

Players will play in a group stage, which will consist of a couple matches per week. Following the group stage, the players will play in an elimination tournament to determine who is the PA West Adult champion. 

Schedule Format

Players will play in a group stage season for 4 weeks. 

Players will then play in an elimination tournament bracket. 

Official Rules


This event will be free from harassment of an individual's race, color, sex, national origin, or disability. I will refrain from any of the following: No Bullying, No Profanity or Inappropriate Language, or Irresponsible behavior. I understand that violation of these stipulations will result in potential expulsion from the event as well as disciplinary action.

I acknowledge that if I am registered 13U-17U player with the PA West Soccer Association. I acknowledge that PA West Soccer Association does not monitor or block chat functions, comments, or other communications made by players. PA West Soccer Association highly recommends that players do not share their personal information with other players.

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1noahhankinson0 0000 0000
2BSanti7PA West Soccer Association0 0000 0000
3xgodTYRxPA West Soccer Association0 0000 0000

Important Dates

New Player Registration
Aug 5 - Aug 25

Regular Season Dates
Aug 26 - Sep 23
(Other Seasons)

Sep 30

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Roster Size

Team Format

Round Format
Best of 1

Format Description

All Group Stage Play will use the retail version of FIFA 20 “Online Friendlies” game mode. Players will have to add each other as friends via their platform prior to playing. The settings of the game will be as follows: 

Half Length: 10 minutes

Controls: Any

Game Speed: Normal

Squad Type: 85 overall 

You may choose any team