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"Here Be Dragons" Minecraft Build Challenge

Online Event

Jan 30, 2021 at 12:00pm EST to
Jan 30, 2021 at 8:00pm EST

Featured Title
  • Minecraft
Thank you for participating! We're super excited to see and explore your builds. Watch your email for updates on how we plan to reveal everyone's builds and showcase our winners!

For tournaments or leagues with quick turnarounds, you will need to complete your match at the scheduled time. If your league or tournament has flex scheduling, you will be able to reschedule your match if you need to.

Check your rules for more information on how your event handles reschedule options. How to Reschedule a Match

Your event will have a specific forfeit policy which you should review in the Rules section. Generally, there is at least a 10 minute grace period so please wait prior to contacting support.

GYO is not an integrated system so you will not be playing your games directly from our site. Instead, use our site to establish communications with your opponent and then use the in-game invitation/game lobby features to get connected to start your game.

After you complete your match, the Winner of the match should return to the GYO Game Lobby in order to report your score. Do not forget to do this, as this is how we update the standings!

Instructions are here: How to Play Your Matches.

Yes, if you wish to do both then, upgrade to a premium account.

No, you will have to go into a center where staff will help you connect your ggLeap account and link it to GYO.

You can play as many hours as you want during the combine dates. As for how many hours should you play, it depends on you. Don’t overexert yourself, be sure to take breaks, hydrate, and eat. Just know that the more data we have, the better we can analyze you.

You are going to have good and bad days, we all do, but try to have at least 6 games you feel are good.

Event Rules


  1.  NO GRIEFING OR ALTERING ANOTHER PLAYERS BUILD WITHOUT CONSENT IN ANY WAY!  Any such action will result in a permanent ban and loss of future competition benefits.  Have fun, and play fair!

  2. Players can claim a plot of land anywhere inside the MAP REGION.  To claim your plot of land, you must encircle it with nether fencing to designate your official build zone (the fence will not be considered part of the design when judging, so think of it like an invisible barrier!)

    1. You may pick any terrain you wish to build in.  Just do not interfere with another player’s territory.  If you want to build in a similar territory as another player, just communicate with them and place your fencing down to designate the break between zones.

    2. Create an official “Entrance” for your design where you wish judges to enter.  Place a sign next to the entrance with your GYO Username on it so judges know who it belongs to

    3. Judges will explore your build on foot, not while flying in creative mode.  So make sure you build your cool features where they can be reached!

  3. All players will be in creative mode and have access to the entire inventory of items.  Be creative!

  4. While we encourage collaboration, each build will be judged individually.  If two siblings at home want to work on the same build they can, but they must take turns!  Two players can not work on the same build at the same time.

  5. All builds will be judged by a panel of GYO Gamer Guides.  Gamer Guide decision is final.


Theme Rules

  1. All Dragon’s Dens must contain an actual dragon somewhere!  Make sure you don’t forget to place your dragon somewhere in your design.

  2. While you can use existing structures in the world map, you will be judged on what you build off of those structures.  So don’t decorate the interior of an existing castle, instead build your brand new wing off of the castle and put your dragon in there!

  3. We encourage collaboration but try to be original with your ideas.  Don’t copy other players - be inventive and imaginative on your own!

  4. Bonus points for incorporating a soccer ball hidden somewhere in your design.

Event Start
  • Saturday, January 30, 2021
  • 12:00pm EST
Event End
  • Saturday, January 30, 2021
  • 8:00pm EST
  • Minecraft
  • Online Event

Minecraft Dragons

Welcome to the “Thar Be Dragons” official Minecraft Build Contest!  The rules are simple, the dragons menacing, and the prizes vast.  This competition is open to any Minecraft player ages 8-17 who are part of an GYO Affiliated State program!

To participate, players will be asked to enter the GYO Event Page for the contest where they will find the Chat Lobby.  There, they can request a Realm Code for an assigned Realm server where they will be asked to create a fabulous build based on the rules below.  These aren’t just ordinary servers though - they have unique texture packs and DRAGONS!  

And the prizes?  They are DRAGON related too!  Our top builders will be the FIRST players anointed with the official Golden Dragon Jerseys of GYO, given only to players who emerge victorious in our competitions.


As the first competitors in our Golden Dragon contests, we think it is appropriate for you to build the ultimate Dragon Den!  In our themed Realm world, blocks are Medieval theme and dragons roam the land.  Capture (or spawn) your favorite Dragon and give him or her a nice new home to live in!  

A home can be anything you imagine - a large and elaborate dragon barn, and underwater cave lair, a tomb beneath a castle - whatever you can dream up.  Simply get building and create a fun place for your dragon to play!


  • Prizes will be divided into the following groups: Ages 8-11, Ages 12-14, 15+
  • Grand Prize Winner of Each Division: Golden Dragon Jersey, $10 Gift Card to Gamer Esports Store, $10 Minecraft Gift Card
  • Runner Up & 3rd Place: $10 Gift Card to Gamer Esports Store

Join Instructions

When you arrive in the chat, say hello to the GG (Admin) and let them know you are ready to play!  They will privately send you a Realm code you can use to connect.  Do not share your realm code, please!  Each realm is strictly limited to 10 players, so sharing your code may result in a different player being left out.

Access Code

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