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Featured Title
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Event Date
Dec 8, 2021
5:30pm EST - 7:30pm EST
Event Creator
Winston- Salem, North Carolina  
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Smash Ultimate Night!

Event Start
  • Wednesday, December 8, 2021
  • 5:30pm EST
Event End
  • Wednesday, December 8, 2021
  • 7:30pm EST
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • Online

Join Instructions

Put friend code in GYO chat and the Gamer Guide Chris will get you in the arena.

For tournaments or leagues with quick turnarounds, you will need to complete your match at the scheduled time. If your league or tournament has flex scheduling, you will be able to reschedule your match if you need to.

Check your rules for more information on how your event handles reschedule options. How to Reschedule a Match

Your event will have a specific forfeit policy which you should review in the Rules section. Generally, there is at least a 10 minute grace period so please wait prior to contacting support.

GYO is not an integrated system so you will not be playing your games directly from our site. Instead, use our site to establish communications with your opponent and then use the in-game invitation/game lobby features to get connected to start your game.

After you complete your match, the Winner of the match should return to the GYO Game Lobby in order to report your score. Do not forget to do this, as this is how we update the standings!

Instructions are here: How to Play Your Matches.

Yes, if you wish to do both then, upgrade to a premium account.

No, you will have to go into a center where staff will help you connect your ggLeap account and link it to GYO.

You can play as many hours as you want during the combine dates. As for how many hours should you play, it depends on you. Don’t overexert yourself, be sure to take breaks, hydrate, and eat. Just know that the more data we have, the better we can analyze you.

You are going to have good and bad days, we all do, but try to have at least 6 games you feel are good.

Taikai eSports - PairOfKings (2:1)


Lost Packets
Lag Spikes
Highest Ping

Avg. Ping

Lowest Ping

Jitter Summary

Lost Packets:
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Packets in:
Packets out:
In Octet:
Out Octet:

Event Rules

Stock and time are set to 3 stock and 8 minutes for Singles and Doubles. Unless otherwise specified, all matches are Best of 3 Series.

Handicap: Off

Team Attack: On

Damage Ratio: 1.0x

Items: Off and None

Pause: Off

Hazard Toggle: Off

Mii: All moveset combination are legal

Stage List


Final Destination**

Pokemon Stadium 2


Town & City


Kalos Pokemon League

Yoshi’s Island

* Battlefield variations of the stages are allowed in place of Battlefield.

** Omega variations of the stages are allowed in place of Final Destination.

The following stages are not allowed for Battlefield and Omega variations due to the changing in the Z Axis:

Dream Land GB

Flatzone X


Mario Maker

Mute City SNES


Duck Hunt

Additional Rules

Starter Stage Striking
See section 1.5 for details on choosing who strikes first. Players may strike from the legal stages (each person strikes stages in a 1-2-1 format) to determine the starting stage for the first game. If battlefield or final destination is chosen and both parties agree, a variant can be used.

Counterpick Stage Striking
After each game of the set, before counterpicking, the player who won the previous game may strike two stages from the starter list. This strike does not persist throughout the set. If final destination or battlefield is chosen as a counterpick, a variant may be chosen by the loser of the previous game.

Mii Fighter Clause

Mii Fighters must be created using Guest Miis and their name should contain the moves being used in the format ‘xxxx’. Any combination of moves may be used, but once a player has selected a Special Move Set for a specific Mii Fighter type (Brawler/Swordfighter/Gunner) that Set must be paired with that Fighter type for the remainder of the set.

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Team 1

Happyroflcopter Happyroflcopter


Team Leader

Rank: Not Set

Team 2

Facilier19 Facilier19


Team Leader

Rank: Not Set

Smash Ultimate Night!

Smash Ultimate Night!