Indiana Soccer

Indiana Soccer - Club Esports Series

Indiana Soccer - Club Esports Series

Online Tournament

Season: Xbox One - Spring 2020 - Coaches League | Platform: Xbox One

Playoffs Start
May 21
6:00pm EDT

Start Date
Mar 19
12:00am EDT


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Registration Fee
per season
Game Titles
  • FIFA 20

Indiana Soccer - Club Esports Series


COVID-19 also known as the coronavirus has affected jobs, schools, and events on a global level as well as here in the United States. Indiana Youth Soccer has with much regret in response to the pandemic, has cancelled outdoor soccer.

It is our hope that now we can use the online nature of esports in order to allow our players to continue to engage in spirited competition with one another while we await the return of grass soccer.

The Clubs have spent a considerable amount of time and energy this past week dealing with COVID-19, so we are using the first scheduled match of the season on March 19 as a pre-season match, and delaying the official start of the esports league to Tuesday, March 31.  This is simply to allow more players the opportunity to register while still giving our current players a chance to play this week, so we may have a league that encompasses even more players.

Please sign up below and we will communicate with you any further changes!


Welcome to the Indiana Soccer Champions eLeague!  A great opportunity to play and learn the game of soccer from a new perspective - a digital one!  You will be scheduled to compete in weekly matches against your fellow club soccer players in the video game FIFA '20.  Playing two matches a week, you will participate for the length of the season until we crown a final winner.

A fun and exciting way to challenge your fellow club players in the digital field.

Schedule Format

All players will participate in 2 matches per week, played on Tuesday afternoons at 1:00pm and 1:45pm.  Total play time will not exceed one and a half hours.

Official Rules


Open to all clubs and player members of Indiana Youth Soccer.  League is operated under the guidelines of EA's Community Tournament Guidelines. This tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc. or its licensors.

League Updates

Email Error regarding week 3 games Feature Image

Email Error regarding week 3 games


Apologies for the mail you may have recieved this morning that explains that week 3 games start at 1pm today.

We had an error with our system that automatically sent this out for some reason. We're working on fixing that so this doesn't happen again. If you saw my mail yesterday we are moving to a new league combining coaches and referees.

The league will start on May 12th and game times have moved to Tuesday's at 7:30pm and 8:15pm EST.  

Here is the PS4 Link to the new league:

Here is the Xbox One link to the new league:

Apologies for the confusion! Feel free to reach me on GYO or via email


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Moving to New Referee/Coaches ... Feature Image

Moving to New Referee/Coaches ...

Hello Coaches, I wanted to thank you for participating in the first coaches league. I wanted to notify you all that we are moving to a unified coaches and referees league. This will increase numbers and provide more competition, we'd love for you to participate.

The league will start on May 12th and game times have moved to Tuesday's at 7:30pm and 8:15pm.  

Here is the Xbox One link to the new league:

Please email me at or message me on GYO if you have any questions, 



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Round 3 Games start today at 1pm ... Feature Image

Round 3 Games start today at 1pm ...


Reminder that your games start at 1pm EST today! I'll be in the chat rooms, so if you have any questions please let me know. If you need to reschedule your game for a later time that is completely fine, just make sure you communicate with your opponent in your match room chat. 



Reminder: Week 2 games starting at ... Feature Image

Reminder: Week 2 games starting at ...

Good morning coaches, 

Reminder that your games start at 1pm EST today! I'll be in the chat rooms, so if you have any questions please let me know. 



REMINDER: Games start at 1pm EST Feature Image

REMINDER: Games start at 1pm EST

Hello coaches, Reminder that your game times start at 1pm EST today. Also, wanted to clarify for everyone that you'll be playing your matches using the ONLINE FRIENDLIES game mode. You will need to send a friend request to your opponent in order to invite them to play against them. The ONLINE FRIENDLIES mode can be found under the ONLINE tab on the main menu. I've created a quick tutorial video for setting up your match. You can view it with the link below. Thanks, Noah
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Tomorrow's league matches - April ... Feature Image

Tomorrow's league matches - April ...

Heads up! You have games starting tomorrow at 1:00pm and 1:45pm tomorrow. Visit the schedule page to find your match and join your game. Head there early to chat with your opponent to prepare for your matches! If you have any questions or conflicts with the schedule please communicate in your chat or send an emails to and Good luck and have fun!
Delaying Coaches League - Starts ... Feature Image

Delaying Coaches League - Starts ...

Good afternoon all, 

Quick update regarding the coaches league. We have decided that we're going to delay the start of the coaches league by 1 week, so that we can properly broadcast the invitation out to as many coaches as possible. We will be starting the league on April 7th and games will commence at the specified time located on the schedule page. 

We'll keep you up to date with any additional information. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out. You can contact us at: 

Looking forward to seeing all of you next week! 

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Your Games are Getting Ready to ... Feature Image

Your Games are Getting Ready to ...

Heads up!  You have games getting ready to start at 7:30 tonight.  Visit the schedule page to find your match and join your game.  Head there early to chat with your opponent to prepare for your matches!

Link to Your Schedule

Please contact - 317.372.2623 with any questions or concerns!

Coaches League Pre-season Friendly ... Feature Image

Coaches League Pre-season Friendly ...

Hey Coaches!  Thanks for joining the Coaches league!  While we continue to get the league promoted and onboard new coaches and players, we thought it would be good for you to play a Pre-Season friendly so you can get introduced to the way the system works.  Tonight at 7:30pm and 8:15pm, we have you scheduled to play against each other.  If you need to move the time, that's ok!  Just communicate with each other and set up the time through the Match Lobby.

Many Clubs have not yet promoted the league as well, so we expect a number of new players to register after this week.  The official start of the Regular Season will be April 7, 2020.

The rest of this email will describe in detail how to play in the matches.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reply back to this message or contact for further assistance.

Good luck and have fun!


Step 1:  Find Your Scheduled Matches

The scheduled matches are in your League Portal page, which is where you went to originally register for the league.  To find your Leagues and find your Game Lobby, please see the instructions found on this page:

Docs: After You Join a League

Step 2: How to Play Your Opponent

Once you have located your specific game, you must communicate directly with your Opponent in order to find each other's gamer tag information and communicate the league rules and other information.  In each Game Lobby, there is a private chat room available to yourself, your opponents, and league team members.  In this chat, share your gamertag and other instructions to find each other within the game.  Please be patient and work together!

Docs: How to Play Your Matches

Step 3:  Report Your Scores!

After you complete your match, the Winner of the match should return to the GYO Game Lobby in order to report your score.  Do not forget to do this, as this is how we update the standings!  Instructions are at the bottom of the previous link, How to Play Your Matches.


That's it!  It is very easy to communicate with your opponent to have a great game and report your score.  If you have any issues during the process, the league Administrators will be in the chat rooms to assist during the preseason if there are any issues, so simply community in your Game Lobby Chat.  If you are struggling to find the Game Lobby, please contact

Rules for Competition

Any setting not listed below should not be changed from its default state within the private match lobby. the Global settings are to be used for all Game modes unless otherwise specified in the game modes specific section.

The hosting team is responsible for setting up a private lobby match with the correct settings and the correct map. 

Game Type: Online Friendlies.
Half Length: 15 minutes 
Controls: Any
Team Level: Any
Game Speed: Normal
Weather: Sunny / Clear
Squad Type: Online
NOTE: do not choose Squad Type "Custom" 

Any questions, comments, concerns should be conveyed using the "Chat Lobby" tab.

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Important Dates

New Player Registration
Feb 22 - Apr 8

Regular Season Dates
Mar 19 - May 9
Scheduled Day: Tue
(Other Seasons)

May 21

Contact Organizer

Game Details



Roster Size

Team Format

Format Description

All Players must own a copy of the FIFA '20 video game on either Xbox One or PlayStation 4.  Players must also have a subscription to the Xbox Live or PlayStation Now online service which allows for online gameplay.

Indiana Soccer - Club Esports Series

Indiana Soccer - Club Esports Series