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Indiana Soccer All Star Series | Summer 2020

Indiana Soccer All Star Series | Summer 2020

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  • FIFA 20

Indiana Soccer All Star Series | Summer 2020

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Welcome to the Indiana Soccer All Star Series Soccer Series!  While we await the return of our grass game, we have organized an esports league to help our players continue to bond and grow together during the summer. 

Players will play on either Xbox One, Nintendo Switch or PS4. 


FIFA-Fest Qualification

Qualify for FIFA-Fest

Our state is participating in the FIFA-Fest eSeries Championships, which means we will designate 4 competitors to represent us in a tournament that spans 18 states across the US. To participate, sign up for our Online Qualifier Tournament below!

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Open to all clubs and player members of Indiana Soccer.  League is operated under the guidelines of EA's Community Tournament Guidelines. This tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc. or its licensors.



This event will be free from harassment of an individual's race, color, sex, national origin, or disability. I will refrain from any of the following: No Bullying, No Profanity or Inappropriate Language, or Irresponsible behavior. I understand that violation of these stipulations will result in potential expulsion from the event as well as disciplinary action.

I acknowledge that if I am registered 13U-17U player with Indiana Soccer Association. I acknowledge that Indiana Soccer Association does not monitor or block chat functions, comments, or other communications made by players. Indiana Soccer Association highly recommends that players do not share their personal information with other players.

All Seasons

NameEnd DateChampion Title SystemRestrictions
Boys 13-15 | Xbox One Jul 24, 2020TBD
Xbox One
Ages: 13-15 View
Boys 13-19 | PS4 Jul 24, 2020TBD
Ages: 16-19 View
Boys 16-19 | Xbox One Jul 24, 2020TBD
Xbox One
Ages: 16-19 View

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