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Arkansas FIFA-FEST eSeries Invitational

Arkansas FIFA-FEST eSeries Invitational

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Arkansas FIFA-FEST eSeries Invitational

FIFA-Fest Qualification


The FIFA-FEST: eSeries Qualifiers pits 13U-17U players from each state association against each other in a group stage tournament.

Players will play in a group stage, which will be held June 27th for PS4 players and XBOX players. Players will play in an elimination tournament on June 28th to determine who will qualify for the eSeries Championship.

The top two XBOX and PS4 players who compete in the FIFA-FEST: eSeries Championship will receive adidas cleats and the champion will receive an additional prize.

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This event will be free from harassment of an individual's race, color, sex, national origin, or disability. I will refrain from any of the following: No Bullying, No Profanity or Inappropriate Language, or Irresponsible behavior. I understand that violation of these stipulations will result in potential expulsion from the event as well as disciplinary action.

I acknowledge that if I am registered 13U-17U player with the Arkansas Soccer Association. I acknowledge that Arkansas Soccer Association does not monitor or block chat functions, comments, or other communications made by players. Arkansas Soccer Association highly recommends that players do not share their personal information with other players.

All Divisions

NameEnd DateChampion Title SystemRestrictions
PS4 | FIFA-FEST eSeries Qualifiers Jul 12, 2020TBD
Ages: 13-17 View
Xbox | FIFA-FEST eSeries Qualifiers Jul 12, 2020TBD
Xbox One
Ages: 13-17 View

Tournament Updates

AYCE FIFA Series Prizing: Win a copy of FIFA 21 Feature Image

AYCE FIFA Series Prizing: Win a copy of FIFA 21

Good Morning, 

I'm happy to announce that we have exciting prizing for champions of the AYCE Weekly FIFA Series! Each console champion will recieve a copy of FIFA 21 for the console of their choice. Players will recieve their copy of FIFA 21 on or shortly after the game releases on October 9th. 

Week 1 of regular season matches starts WEDNESDAY (August 12th) at 7:30pm EST. Schedule's will be generated Wednesday morning and an update email will be sent out around 12pm EST.

You can sign up for the league here if you're not currently signed up:

Matches will take place each WEDNESDAY at 7:30pm EST and the league will run August 5th - September 2nd. Playoffs will take place on September 9th. Players will play 2 matches per week. 

How to Play Matches and Report Scores

Once you're completed with your match, you'll need to report your scores via your match lobby. Unsure how to report your scores?  Here is a brief tutorial that shows you how to find your Matches and Report Your Scores:  Find Matches and Report Scores


How to Reschedule Your Matches

If you cannot make the scheduled time to compete, we have the reschedule tool available for you to use! Remember, you have an entire week to complete your matches if you can't make the default match time each week on Wednesday. Here is a walkthrough of how to use the tool if you have issues: How to Reschedule

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. I have various forms of contact info below. 


Noah Hankinson

Xbox: noahhanki22

PS4: noah_hanki22

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Finals Start Today at 3pm Central Feature Image

Finals Start Today at 3pm Central

Based on the results of last night's group stage, the final tournament has been seeded and the first game will kick off at 3pm Central. 

All games must be played consecutively, so you can not reschedule these matches for later in the afternoon.  After you complete one game, you will immediately move to the next stage to await your opponent.

If you wish to play your first game early, you may do that.  

Number 1 Rule:  Talk to the Event Staff in the Chat!
Let us know you are there and playing in your match, and everything is ok.  If a match goes for too long without communication, we may assume there was a forfeit or a no-show and report a loss.  Communicate with your tournament staff to make sure we know you're active!

Good luck to all today!

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Get Ready! The FIFA-FEST Invitational group stage starts today! Feature Image

Get Ready! The FIFA-FEST Invitational group stage starts today!

Arkansas FIFA players, 

Today at 6:30pm CDT the group stage for this qualifying stage of FIFA-FEST will begin. Players are playing for seeding in tomorrows tournament bracket. After tomorrow's tournament bracket ends, the top 2 players from PS4 and Xbox One will advance to represent Arkansas in the national tournament. 

Teams may start to play their matches at 12pm if they'd like; although, the regulated start time for the first round is 6:30pm CDT. We allow players to start at noon to allow some flexibility in the competition scheduling for players.

If you join your match lobby at noon and your opponent is not present, we recommend sending them a friend request on your console and letting them know you're their first opponent. If you're not sure how to find your opponents gamertag. 

1. Navigate to your match lobby

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page

3. Your opponents gamertag should be visible underneath their GYO username. (picture below)

If you end up playing your match at noon, please take a screenshot or picture of the post match lobby via your phone and post it in your match lobby chat room, so we can see you played your match early. 

Quick reminder, you can view the game rules here. I've included them below as well for convience. 

All group stage and tournament play will use the retail version of FIFA 20 “Online Friendlies” game mode. Players will have to add each other as friends via their platform prior to playing. The settings of the game will be as follows: 

Half Length: 6 minutes

Controls: Any

Game Speed: Normal

Squad Type: 85 overall 

You may choose any team 

If you have questions regarding how to setup your matches. Please watch our match setup tutorial video on Youtube: 

Please let me know if you have any issues. You can email me at or message me on either of the platforms and I'll get back to you promptly.

Xbox: noahhanki22

PS4: noah_hanki22



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Arkansas Invitational Preseason Feature Image

Arkansas Invitational Preseason

Good morning!  As mentioned in yesterday's update, we will be delaying our official Invitation tournament to the week after July 4.  We will have a fun new announcement for you regarding that event in the next couple of days.

We know many of you were excited to play today, and you still can!  We have officially setup several scheduled matches that you can play to learn the platform, scope out your competition, and knock off any rust you have in your FIFA game.  Schedules are published and available on your profile now.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact Support!

Have fun today!
Coach Smitty

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Arkansas Invitational Update Feature Image

Arkansas Invitational Update

Greetings players!  We are working on an exciting announcement for our FIFA-FEST Invitational, but unfortunately we need just a little more time to get the details ironed out.  Therefore, we are going to delay this weekend's competition to the week of July 6, with official dates to be announced early next week.

For those of you who were excited to play this weekend, don't worry!  We have you covered.  We are going to setup the schedule with a series of friendly matches starting at noon tomorrow.  You can spend the day playing against your fellow players and learning the platform, so you'll be ready for the official tournament in two weeks.

Here is some helpful tips on how to use the platform and we hope you take this opportunity to enjoy some fun games this weekend, knock off some of the rust, and prepare for the official matches during the week of July 6.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns!

Coach Smitty


Flex Scheduling Activated

We would like for every player to try to attend their scheduled game time, but understand some reschedules may need to occur.  In order to reschedule, you MUST use the Reschedule tool to communicate with your opponent BEFORE your match.  If you do not communicate prior to your match start and you do not show up for your scheduled time, you may be issued a forfeit.

Doing so requires you to contact your opponent, and our new "How to Reschedule" guide walks you through the process of finding your matches, finding your opponent, and contacting them.

How to Reschedule Your Match


"My Opponent Did Not Show Up"
Please use your Match Lobby to communicate with our support staff and let them know you have a potential no-show/forfeit.  We will investigate and attempt to contact your opponent as well, and issue you a forfeit victory if they do not.  Please allow at least an extra 10 minutes prior to claiming a forfeit, and attempt to contact them on Xbox or PS4 if they are not responsive in chat.


How Do I Report My Scores?
If you are looking at the Leaderboards and don't see your game recorded, you may not have updated your scores properly.  Please review this guide:  Playing Your Matches

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