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Call of Duty: Weekly Socials Club

Call of Duty: Weekly Socials Club

Online Tournament

Season: Summer 2021 | Platform: Crossplay

Start Date
Apr 28
12:00pm EDT


Reg Type

Game Titles
  • Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Weekly Socials Club

It's time to DROP IN to Battle Across Oklahoma!

The Call of Duty: Weekly Socials Club is a fun, social, competitive league meant to help players in Oklahoma connect and compete in Call of Duty: Warzone.  Through our partnership with two awesome esports and gaming venues in Oklahoma, we will divide the state to see whether the players from the North or the South emerge the most victorious across a series of weeks.

Whether you hail from the north or the south, you'll be able to stop in to either venue to participate in special pop-up tournaments and events, with big prizes on the line!


Representing North Oklahoma - The Hub in Tonkawa, OK

The Hub is coming to Tonkawa and bringing with it awesome opportunities to play, laugh, and GAME!  With a state-of-the-art gaming LAN center and lounge, you can come in and game with your friends in style using the top of the line computers and the fastest internet around.  Don't let Ping hold you back anymore!

While we are finishing the new space, we want to invite all players to join us in a special Play-at-Home Esports League where you can meet other players from around the area to practice and compete.  Competition in the league could earn you sweet swag and prizes courtesy of The Hub, and will prepare you for one of several special tournament events coming in May once our arena is ready to unveil.


Representing South Oklahoma - Annex Games in Durant, OK

Annex Games is your friendly local game store in Durant, OK, featuring PC and gaming consoles, board game areas, and more!  A perfect home for gamers of all types to hang out and meet others around town.


Tired of playing randos online?  Join the Oklahoma Gaming Commmunity and join the Call of Duty: Weekly Socials Club!

We will play Call of Duty: Warzone for our events!  All players need access to at least one of these titles on a compatible gaming device (PC/Xbox/PlayStation).

Schedule Format

You will play a minimum of two matches (3 games per match) per session.

Official Rules


No software or hardware provided to participate in the league.  Players must have Call of Duty: Warzone and a compatible playing device, along with all internet subscriptions required to access online gameplay.

Top 6 Teams View Schedule

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1LITZ131510 000218 01000
2mavrakkThe Hub1 10944 31-100
3King1206The Hub1 0093 0100
4fettterzThe Hub0 00100 0000
5cmills23The Hub0 00100 0000
6MynamejeffThe Hub0 00100 0000
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League Updates

Call of Duty 2:  Electric Boogaloo Feature Image

Call of Duty 2: Electric Boogaloo

Our Great Reset is nearing, and we need players who would like to step up and become Captains of our new leagues and help us shape the program structure going forward.  In addition, we're going to look at other games as well!  

Join the Discord so you can help us build an Oklahoma gaming league and break away from mediocre online matchmaking!

Hitting Reset with Call of Duty Feature Image

Hitting Reset with Call of Duty

Greetings everyone!

We are excited to have so many players join our first Weekly Socials Club, but know it's gotten off to a slow start here as not very many games have been played.  There were a number of delays on our end that helped lead us there but no worries - we're going to hit the big reset button and get everyone going.  And here are some changes to make it easier, and new tournaments too!

Step 1:  DISCORD!  

We have created a new Hub Discord community, and invite everyone to join.  This will allow us to better communicate, find our opponents, and even just find other players to squad up with.  
Discord Invite Link


Step 2:  League Reset Next Week

We are going to adjust some of the rules of the league to simplify the process and get everyone playing in more matches, together.  We will also have a special training night where everyone who comes in will get extra assistance learning how to complete their first match.  It can be a little confusing the first time, but we promise - once you learn, you'll be good to go!


Step 3:  Tournaments with Prizes Coming in June

The Esports Facility at The Hub is almost ready to open, and our partners at The Annex are chomping at the bit for live tournaments so we're going to give them to you!  We are finalizing details on prizing, and look forward to sharing that with you soon.


For those of you who have completed a few matches, we hope you can help us to show the other players the ropes!  When you join the Discord, say hey and feel free to add me direct so we can get this Community rolling. 

Thanks all, look forward to dropping in with you soon!
[GYO] Shawn#4906

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Important Dates

New Player Registration
Apr 9 - May 10

Regular Season Dates
Apr 28 - May 31
Scheduled Day: Wed, Sat

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Game Details

Call of Duty: Warzone


Call of Duty: Weekly Socials Club

Call of Duty: Weekly Socials Club