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We are a home for gamers made by gamers.

Being Lethbridge's premier LAN center we will bring high end PC gaming to the masses, bringing together gamers through affordable and frequent gaming and eSports events that will bolster our community.

Our location has the clean sleek aesthetic that gamers have come to expect from the industry, and most importantly our environment is comfortable and welcoming. We have over 20 High end rigs all equipped with gaming peripherals and comfortable gamer racing seats. We are setup for gamers of all types, from the most casual to hardest core elites.

We will offer more than just PC gaming however; we also house 3 powerful VR Stations that are setup in individual booths for single or multiplayer gaming. Each station also offers comfortable seating and a 49" UltraHD 4K TV so you can follow alongside with the active gamer!

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