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Join UVIC's Free Rocket League Tournament on September 11th Feature Image

Join UVIC's Free Rocket League Tournament on September 11th

Good Afternoon, 

UVIC is offering a FREE Rocket League tournament on campus in place of their annual THUNDERFEST soccer game on September 11th! You can join by visiting the registration page here. The tournament will be played with teams of 3, so make sure to invite your friends.

Participants MUST BE registered by September 10th at 12pm PDT. Bracket will be generated September 11th in the morning. 

 The first 25 registrations will recieve a free UVIC tee-shirt! If you have any questions, please let me know. 



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Let's Get Sus - Among Us Spooktacular Tournament Tonight Feature Image

Let's Get Sus - Among Us Spooktacular Tournament Tonight

Tonight we kick off our gaming season with AMONG US and a tournament that features prizes including a $50 Amazon Gift Card and Hot House Pizza*!  The event kicks off this evening at 7:00pm PST, and we are excited to see all your suspicious and spooky Among Us skins.

To participate, please sign up here on the official registration page, then make sure you join us in Discord tonight for all the instructions you need to play.  Join the Discord here.

Questions?  Use the Discord channels!

* Must be a UVIC student to be eligible for prizes.

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New Year, New Season-Rocket League Kick Off Tournament Feature Image

New Year, New Season-Rocket League Kick Off Tournament


Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. It's a new year which means a new season at Vikes Esports. The Vikes Esports Association have some great events and prizing in store for the Winter Term so get ready!!

Join the Vikes Esports Association 2v2 Rocket League Kick-off tournament for a high stakes showdown with $50 Amazon gift cards on the line! Team up with another player and dominate the brackets to claim the prizes and bragging rights all to yourself.

If your teammate is not already on the UVic GYO platform then make sure they sign up, so they can participate (required). Show up to the event at 7:30PM PST on Jan 29th over on the Vikes Esports Discord Server Having trouble finding a partner? Head over to the discord server to look for one or get tossed into a random pool of players. 

Want more tournaments like this with even bigger prizes? Head over to register for the Vikes Esports Battlepass to gain exclusive access to a premium prize pool with a grand prize valued at $500! Stay tuned for more upcoming events by joining the Vikes Esports Discord Server and joining the UVic GYO page. 

Good Luck!

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Vikes “Battle of the Vikings” CS:GO Wingman Feature Image

Vikes “Battle of the Vikings” CS:GO Wingman


Are you a sharp CS:GO player with an affinity for fast-paced competitive play and a stalwart ally to cover your six? Are you going to end up having to spend most of your reading break reading? Then wind up your studies before unwinding with a few games of Wingman – or else tune in live to watch your favorite players kick the tires and light the fires in the upcoming Vikes “Battle of the Vikings” CS:GO Wingman tournament.

Players will pay a $5 entry fee to compete for two $100 Amazon gift cards and the pride of being immortalized as Vikes Wingman champions!

Players and spectators can head over to to participate or to watch the action, as well as how to follow future Vikes esports tournaments and events.

Register for the event on GYO here
Pay the $5 entry fee here
Questions? Head over to Vikes Esports Association discord and the Esports Admins will be able to assist you. 
Good Luck!! ^___^
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Valorant Vikes Tournament Feature Image

Valorant Vikes Tournament


Hope everyone had a great weekend. It's time to get together with four of your closest agents and sign up free of charge for the upcoming "Valorant Vikes" tournament on February 27th at 7:00PM PST! A perfect excuse to put off studying for that upcoming midterm, this Valorant tournament will feature a standard ruleset in a 5v5 winner-takes-all format, the first two games being best of three and the finals, best of five. Ensure your team is in top fighting form for a chance to split $125 in Amazon gift cards - or else just do your best to avoid bot fragging, so at the very least you can blame someone else when you lose. Players and spectators can head over to to learn more about the event or to watch the action, as well as how to follow future Vikes esports tournaments and events

Register now for Vikes Valorant on GYO by heading over here

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Vike's Gambit: Swiss-Style Chess Tournament Feature Image

Vike's Gambit: Swiss-Style Chess Tournament

Hello! Start sharpening your skills and revisiting your strategies now, because coming in March is a chance to pit yourself against opponents of all calibers in an age-old battle of wits and wills. Open to the public and to every Elo, the "Vike's Gambit" Swiss-style Chess tournament will take place on March 13th at 6:00PM PST and feature a 30+20 classical format on Entrants will pay to compete for a chance at the ultimate prize, an AverMedia AM310 USB Cardioid Condenser Microphone worth $150, generously provided by Rockstar. Whether you're a Bobby Fischer or an xQc, come join us for some moderately-paced big brain action.

Players and spectators can head over to the discord for more information and to learn how to watch the action, as well as how to follow future Vikes esports tournaments and events. 

For more information on how to join, go to the event page on GYO

Questions? The Esports Adminstration will be able to answer any questions you might have on discord. 


Good Luck! 

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Viking Abyss: League of Legends Tournament Feature Image

Viking Abyss: League of Legends Tournament

Hello! We summon you to join us on March 26th at 5:00PM PDT for the first-ever Vikes League of Legends tournament, the Viking Abyss! Take the opportunity to fight for honor and glory one last time before you shut yourself away to study for finals - or if you're not a student, just do it for the free stuff! Should you emerge victorious, you'll secure for yourself the grand prize of either $100 in Memory Express gift cards or $50 in gift cards to the UVic Bookstore.

This event will feature a 1v1 Howling Abyss format in a best of three, single-elimination, winner-takes-all competition. There will be two brackets and two prizes, with one bracket being capped at gold rank and the other being open to all ranks. Entrants in the former will compete for the $50 prize while entrants in the latter will compete for the $100 prize.

Registration will close at noon (PDT) on the day of the event!

To register to play, simply:

1. Check out the GYO event page for tournament rules and to register for the event. Please include your Discord ID in the information you provide during registration OR go to your profile's account setting and edit player profile to add it. If you aren't yet a part of the Vikes Esports Association on GYO, go to

2. Go to to register for the appropriate bracket.

Brackets will be generated and posted after registration closes, and instructions for joining your scheduled games posted subsequently. Best of luck to all entrants!

Finally, a huge thank you to our friends over at the UVic League of Legends server for helping us run this event! If you play, make sure you head over to and join their community.


Good Luck! 

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Fools Tower Defense Tournament Feature Image

Fools Tower Defense Tournament


Join us April 1st at 5:00PM for some fiercely competitive Bloons TD Battles. With finals coming up, we could think of no better way to prepare students than by desensitizing them through exposure to the cutthroat brutality of Bloons' visceral balloon-popping gameplay. Whoever stands alone atop a mound of their competitors' balloon-covered simian corpses will have earned the coveted grand prize of a 100-pack of balloons... All jokes aside, the Fools Tower Defense  tournament will be a relatively casual free entry event as we head into finals season, so invite your friends for some relaxed Thursday-night games. The format will be assault mode, classic rules, single-elimination.

Registration will close at noon (PDT) on the day of the event.

Players and spectators can head over to the Discord to learn more or to watch the action, as well as to follow future Vikes Esports tournaments and events.


Good luck! 

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Air Vikes Among Us Tourney Feature Image

Air Vikes Among Us Tourney

Stressed and burnt out from studying for your online classes' final exams? Sick of being trapped inside for a year, as well as for the foreseeable future, thanks to a deadly pandemic? Maybe you're just upset because your package was stuck in the Suez for a week. Whatever the reason, invite your friends and come vent your frustration with us free of charge at the "Air Vikes" Among Us tourney on April 23rd at 5:00PM PDT. If you come out on top, either because of your unparalleled level of stealth and deception or your unwavering logic and sleuthing skills (or some combination thereof) then you'll take home the grand prize of $100 in Memory Express gift cards. The tournament will be played on the all-new Airship map! Players play in a number of pools (if applicable) and the points from your matches will determine your position in the leaderboards. We will play 2-3 cycles of 3 games for a total of either 6 or 9 games, which will depend on the turnout - we want to ensure everyone plays the same number of games.

Registration will close at noon (PDT) on the day of the event.

Questions? Head over to the Vikes Esporst Assoction's discord.

Good luck! 

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