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Spring 2022 Try Outs

Spring 2022 Try Outs

Online Tryout

Game Tryout: Smash Bros. Tryout Spring 2022 | Platform: Switch

Start Date
Jan 31
12:00am EST


Reg Type

Game Titles
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Spring 2022 Try Outs

Welcome to MEAC Esports Spring 2022 Tryouts

If you have not done so already, please join the MEAC Esports Discord by clicking here

How it will work:

Sign up for tryouts. Players will need to register for the tryouts. We will be providing more information on discord & GYO on the next steps.

Official Rules

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1iSyphzFlorida A&M University0 0000 0000
2PRQFESSQRX0 0000 0000
3YoungLionIT0 0000 0000
4NinjaScarf0 0000 0000
5Khaos0 0000 0000
6kennycosmic0 0000 0000
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Important Dates

New Player Registration
Jan 24 - Feb 13

Group Stages Dates
Jan 31 - Feb 11
(Other Seasons)

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Game Details

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Team Format

Round Format
Best of 3