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Spring 2022 Try Outs

Spring 2022 Try Outs

Online Tryout

Game Tryout: Halo Tryout Spring 2022 | Platform: Crossplay

Start Date
Jan 31
12:00am EST



Reg Type

Game Titles
  • Halo: Infinite

Spring 2022 Try Outs

Welcome to MEAC Esports Spring 2022 Tryouts

If you have not done so already, please join the MEAC Esports Discord by clicking here

How it will work:

Sign up for tryouts. Players will need to register for the tryouts. We will be providing more information on discord & GYO on the next steps.

Official Rules

Standings View Schedule

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1Howard Halo SquadHoward University0 0000 0000

Important Dates

New Player Registration
Jan 24 - Feb 13

Group Stages Dates
Jan 31 - Feb 11
(Other Seasons)

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Game Details

Halo: Infinite


Team Format

Round Format
Best of 3

Format Description

Supported Platforms

Crossplay: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

Default Game Settings

The home team will create a custom game lobby and invite the away team. In order for invites to be sent out, players need to be on each other's friends list. Every game will use the default settings for the game mode in play.

Game Mode: Oddball, Slayer, or Capture the Flag

Team Format: 4v4

Motion Tracker: Disabled

Grenade Hitmater: Disable

Friendly Fire: On

Starting Weapon: BR75

Weapons, grenades, and equipment are set to static spawner on maps.

How to Setup Custom Lobby

To get started, players (home team) must create a custom lobby by going to PLAY on the home screen, located in the top left navigation bar. Afterwards, go to CUSTOM GAMES at the bottom left and it will send you to the custom lobby. In the lobby, select MODE EDITOR where you will find MODE in the dropdown list. A new list will appear that will have a RANKED modes to pick the setup you wish to play.

Be sure the lobby's privacy setting is INVITE ONLY, for a max of 8 players, and turn off observers.



  • Live Fire

  • Recharge

  • Streets

  • Bazaar

  • Aquarius


  • Live Fire

  • Recharge

  • Streets

Capture the Flag

  • Bazaar

  • Aquarius


  • Live Fire

  • Recharge

  • Streets

Best of Format

Best of Three Format:

  • Game 1: Oddball

  • Game 2: Slayer

  • Game 3: CTF

Best of Five Format:

  • Game 1: CTF

  • Game 2: Slayer

  • Game 3: Oddball

  • Game 4: Strongholds

  • Game 5: Slayer

Best of Seven Format:

  • Game 1: Strongholds

  • Game 2: Slayer

  • Game 3: CTF

  • Game 4: Oddball

  • Game 5: Slayer

  • Game 6: CTF

  • Game 7: Slayer


If player disconnects, the game may be paused for up to 10 minutes. After 10 minutes the game will resume regardless if player has returned or not. Player may continue to reconnect as long as the game is running. A team can keep the game paused for as long as they'd like past 10 minutes at the teams disgression.


If a team has made effort to communicate and may be a bit late, please be patient. We'd like to avoid any forfeits at all cost.

If a team does not show up and they have made effort to explain their unavailability, teams may reschedule their matchup, as long as it's completed prior to the start of next weeks competition.