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Lyon esports team scores big in ... Feature Image

Lyon esports team scores big in ...

Lyon College's varsity esports team took first place at the Hendrix Smash Tournament in Conway on Nov. 16.

The tournament featured two versus two matches in the game Rocket League, with the winning team scoring best out of three rounds. 

The varsity team of senior Jordan "Jaba" Bright, of Tuckerman, and freshman Eddie "Plasmaburst2" Hunt, of Tulsa, Okla., went on an undefeated streak and captured first place and the trophy. The junior varsity team of junior Odie "Psyra9998" Cauthon, of Russellville, and freshman Wyatt "xXBu1sn3ssXx" Frerichs, of McLoud, Okla., tied for third place.

"I am extremely proud of the teams," said Austin Lonsert. "They work very hard every single week to improve as players and as teammates."

"I couldn't be happier with the students I have gotten to work with in our first year of the program. We look forward to many more first place wins to come! We are going to put in the effort to make sure that happens."

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