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GYO University is a testing university made by and maintained by the staff of GYO!  Primarily, we use this to test new features and show off what a fully completed profile looks like, but you can feel free to join us if you really want to :)

GYO is a platform that seeks to support gamers and esports at all levels. We use the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to support game and esports-enthusiasts of all levels.

GYO employs machine learning and artificial intelligence to dig deep and discover talent that lurks below the Top 100 of the leaderboard.

We look for players that show exceptional judgement and skills, despite their win-loss record, and try to identify players with potential. We provide automated coaching advice and help them improve their game, storing their performance history over time so they can see real improvements.

Trapped in ELO Hell? GYO can help you unlock your true potential.

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The Anime Man Visits
League of Legends
Breaking All The Rules


We are at the NACE Convention Feature Image

We are at the NACE Convention

We're excited to help support NACE and its member schools and organizations.  Come visit us in Booth #2!

Keeping Real Blogs is an Option for Organizations! Feature Image

Keeping Real Blogs is an Option for Organizations!

This one happens to be a fake article, but you can see how this works!  Here's some random latin!

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We Won the Whole Thing!
Rocket League


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