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Arcadia Esports is a program built on passion and a drive for success. We are currently looking for students of any and all skill levels who are passionate and driven to compete in esports at the collegiate level. 

We our recruiting student athletes for League of Legends, Rocket League, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Rainbow 6 Siege, and Super Smash Brothers. We are located just outside of the Philadelphia city line and are a quick train ride directly into center city. 

Our arena features 46 Alienware PC's, a coaches office, a player lounge, console gaming areas, and dedicated spaces for team VOD review. We have a dedicated head coach for each game offered to assure that each player is getting the attention they need to improve and to help our teams climb the collegiate ranks. 

Arcadia Esports was founded upon the premise that esports is for everyone. We look to foster an inclusive environment where players of all skill levels are welcome .   

Featured Game Titles
  • GYO Score - League of Legends League of Legends
  • GYO Score - Overwatch Overwatch
  • GYO Score - Rocket League Rocket League
  • GYO Score - Hearthstone Hearthstone

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