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At DSU, students enjoy an innovative and personalized education. DSU boasts a 10:1 student-faculty ratio, which means professors know their students by name. With access to new technology in laboratories and classrooms across campus, students gain the skills needed to ensure success in the corporate world. Visit www.dickinsonstate.edu to learn more.

Varsity players enjoy restricted keycard access to the Varsity Esports Lab. The lab is used for training, tournaments and live streaming.

Gaming Stations

  • Keycard door access restricted to varsity athlete use.
  • Six dedicated gaming PCs loaded preloaded with the top competitive esports games.
  • Streaming broadcast station
  • Each station contains a headset with mix amp, top of the line gaming keyboard and mouse and a webcam for streaming purposes.
  • Portable green screens are available for athletes who wish to stream.
  • Each station utilizes Respawn gaming furniture for the most comfortable gaming experiences.

The Blue Hawk Hub is a space dedicated to students with amenities for a variety of events and casual gatherings. The space is being upgraded for the addition of casual gaming PC's for use by all DSU students.  The space features include:

Gaming Stations

  • Ten dedicated gaming PCs loaded with the top competitive esports games.
  • Each station contains a headset, gaming keyboard and mouse and a webcam for streaming purposes
  • Each station utilizes Respawn gaming furniture for the most comfortable gaming experiences.
  • One gaming PC can connect to the projector system for live stream display or demonstration purposes.

Other Amenities

  • Phone charging stations and PhoneSoap units designed to sanitize your devices.
  • Flexible spaces that can be converted for student needs, this includes comfortable couch seating, oversized Ultimate Sack bean bag chairs, high top tables, a bar with swivel bar stools, and a variety of other tables and chairs.
  • Flexible lighting options through chargeable LED light orbs easily change the color and atmosphere of any event with the touch of a remote.
  • Refrigerator, microwaves, and a popcorn machine
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