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Concord is the first public college or university in West Virginia to offer varsity esports to its students.  University administration made the decision to pursue adding the teams after an overwhelming response to a survey indicated 80-percent of respondents showed interest in a program at the school. This opportunity allows students to compete in esports on a national level, but Concord hopes to use this program to leverage into future courses related to esports.

Coach Jake Neerland has taken over the formation and management of the esports program as of early May. Neerland has competed in esports for the past six years, coached multiple teams and developed an esports tournament at his previous position.

"As a coach, my aspirations are to build teams capable of competing on any stage they step on," Neerland said.

Neerland has a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations and a minor in Communication Studies from Iowa State University. In addition to esports experience, his professional background includes social media strategy, community management, brand development, marketing and event execution.

Follow Jake and CU's esports program on our official social media pages for the latest on tryout information and updates on arena construction.

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