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Esports has seen an incredible acceleration over the past several years. Professional leagues, tournaments, and pro opportunities are more common than ever and the idea of making a career out of gaming and esports is more reality now than ever. Our goal at GYO is to help esports continue its growth by focusing not on the stars of today, but rather the stars of tomorrow. We aren't looking for the best pros who have already made it... We're looking for the dreamers and gamers who want to take the next steps to go pro - we're looking for you!

Esports recruiting is a nightmareish landscape that our partners (colleges, pro organizations, and league/tournament organizers) recognize is a complete mess. They struggle to find talent and often have to sift through hundreds of smurf accounts, toxic candidates, and players who are unqualified to compete before they find even a single strong player. With our platform, we're helping them sort through this this mess by providing data from a fairly simple subset of players - those that want to be found! By joining GYO, you're telling recruiters, “Hey, look at me!" and oftentimes, that's half the battle.

To read more about our process, please check out our How Does GYO Work page to learn more. If you like what we're doing and you want to help, here are a number of ways you can help us support our goal of helping esports continue to grow by supporting the amateur and middle-tier players who are looking for their shot to make it to the big leagues.

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