July 5 - 14

The First Esports Combine Has Concluded

Thank you to all who participated in our first Esports Combine. This event was a colossal undertaking, and we couldn't be happier with the results.

We will host another Combine soon, but in the meantime we're leaving this information available for participants and curious visitors.

As we finish the final processing of the data, you can visit our Combine Report page for more specific news related to this Spring Combine.

Post-Combine Report

Gaming Center Facility Participation

Scouting Combine

By default, players can attend any LAN Gaming Center running the ggCircuit software in order to participate in the combine. With the ggCircuit software, players will automatically have their scores reported to our central database system.

GYO Activated Combine centers are those within our network who are also hosting special events, pricing, and deals for participants during combine week.

Search for Your Local Center For Center Owners

Report a Missing Center

If you were unable to find a facility near you, or the facility you wish to attend was not listed, please contact us below and we will attempt to activate them for our combine.

Fully Automated Titles (PC Only)

Manual Support (All Console/Some PC)

How Manual Reporting Works

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