GYO Combine - Global Esports Scouting Combine

It's Time to Call Your Shot

Calling all players who are pursuing esports dreams and looking for a chance to be discovered. At the Esports Skills Combine, all participants start from zero, and get their chance to shine.

Esports is booming. Pro contracts, college scholarships, dedicated income... it is all possible today. Now is the time to stand out from the pack and earn your spot among the future stars of esports.

The Esports Skills Combine will take your gameplay and put it under the microscope for hundreds of esports organizations and esports scholarships programs around the world. Whether you're already a pro or looking to climb the ladder, you can begin your journey and get on the radar for future esports program consideration simply by participating in the Combine.

Sign up today and head to one of nearly 350 GYO-powered facilities worldwide and prepare to compete for a spot amongst the stars.

How it Works

GYO isn't just looking for the best esports players of today. We're looking for the best esports players of tomorrow. Using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence processes, we identify players who have the raw skills and talent to potentially go pro, even if they haven't quite yet cracked the top leaderboards just yet.

We do this by looking at the player's individual play regardless of their win/loss record. We look to see if they follow good teamplay, have standout individual qualities, and above average raw skills. When we find players that match our criteria, we provide their data directly to esports colleges, talent scouts, and coaches so that they can bring these players on board and help them grow to the promised land.

Players who dream of going pro in esports often wonder where they need to start. Well.... you found us. Start here.

Frequently Asked Questions

That's a great way to think of us. We are an independent, third-party data analytics platform that looks at players from around the world and tries to grade their raw talent and potential in gaming and esports.

We provide this data (anonymously) to esports scholarship program directors, pro esports talent recruiters, tournament organizations, and more. They are constantly looking for new talent for their pipeline as players leave, switch positions, or new teams are formed. And they struggle mightily with this task, as the in-game leaderboards and statistics are often poor indicators of a player's ability to work in a team and/or win at the highest levels.

As soon as they like a player, they add them to their watchlist and that player gets notified (!!!) that someone is tracking them. As soon as that player is ready to reveal their personal information, we share it with the scout so they may ask questions, make offers, and otherwise interact with the player.

We make their job easier for them and therefore make your job of getting discovered much easier.

No. We are unable to guarantee any individual player a placement for scholarships or pro contracts, however we can guarantee that your statistics from this event will be reviewed and you will receive a comprehensive player report* that helps you understand your skills and helps you get better.

By joining GYO, you're indicating to scouts and talent managers that you want to be found, and that's a major first step. Game leaderboards are anonymous, so scouts don't know who might actually be interested in going pro when they use those tools. But when a player signs up for GYO, the scouts know that the player is trying their best to rise in the ranks of esports, and that immediately puts you on their radar when you may have otherwise been lost in the crowd.

* Subject to availability depending on game. We are adding games as quickly as possible, so check out our supported games and you can see the level of reporting detail available here.

All gamers 18+ are welcome to participate. For gamers between the ages of 13-17, you are also able to participate but we do require parental consent prior to you being able to be contacted by college recruiters and/or pro scouts. Under 13 are not allowed to participate, sorry!

For those of you in the 13-17 range, this is a great opportunity to earn collegiate scholarship. If you need help convincing mom and dad, share this link with them.

Casual gamers and those who just like checking out their own statistics welcome to join GYO, participate in the Combine, and review your statistics for free at anytime. All players will receive a base analysis report on their play following the event.

We also offer a GYO Recruiting Service that is specifically for players who want us to help them get scouting. We provide deeper analytics to these players, and put their profiles directly in the hands of teams that we believe they are a perfect match for, increasingly the likelihood that they are seriously considered.

The annual cost of membership is normally $60, but for this event, the cost is just $14! You can purchase a membership in advance here, or register onsite during the combine at any GYO-enabled facility.

At the end of the day, your performance is up to you. We recommend that you practice ahead of the combine, study strategies and game metas of the titles you wish to play, and give it your best shot. Do your best to queue up with the roles and characters that give you the best chance to thrive.

One point of emphasis that we want gamers to understand: winning or losing the matches during this week is mostly inconsequential. Your overall K/D is not the most important factor. Don't press too hard. Instead, we look for metrics that indicate you are a strong team player, you play the role you are being asked to play capably, and you have strong overall performance in that role.

Great players can often fall into losing streaks or get stuck in ELO-hell, and we understand that. Our algorithms work to unearth those players trapped in ruts by looking beyond the wins and losses.

Quite simply, we look less at whether you win or lose and more at whether or not you played your role appropriately and effectively to give your team the best shot at winning.

In team games, the most important quality we look for is that you play well within the team scope and you play your role capably when asked to do so. If you have players on your team that aren't pulling their own weight, we'll be able to detect that, and look at your performance through that spectrum.

If you have a group of friends you play with frequently, we highly recommend you team up with them for this event, even if they do not wish to be scouted. This is simply because with your friends, you'll be able to help ensure that you always get the player/character/role that you desire to showcase, and that can help. If you want to find other players in your area to team up with, you can use our Looking for Group page here.

And if you are solo queueing, don't sweat it too much! Just do your thing, and we'll find you!

A minimum of three matches per title is required during the course of the combine. We recommend playing as many matches as you are able, but don't overdo it. After the Combine is over, we download your entire history of matches for further analysis and the Combine becomes one piece of your entire analytics puzzle.

You may play multiple games during the week as well, and you will be analyzed for your play in each. If you're a "jack of all trades" type player, it may be good to showcase your skills in several titles and genres, as there are many organizations out there focusing in different games!

Unfortunately, participation in this first Combine event does require in-person participation at a GYO-powered facility. We are expanding locations rapidly and intend to host this event multiple times per year, so watch for new announcements and new centers being built near you.

Don't lose hope, however, because your play from home can be analyzed too! Sign up for a GYO free membership and we will analyze your play at home and this, too, will be provided to the scouts and recruiters. It simply will not feature the same highlighting and focus that the combine participants will receive, but it will get you started until you're able to attend an in-person event.

Contact us and let us know which center needs us to come in there and set them straight.

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