The Esports Combine - LIVE and Virtual Convention

The Esports Combine - LIVE and Virtual Convention


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Welcome to the Combine! We look forward to helping you pursue your dream of esports scholarships and future superstardom!

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Next College Student Athlete (NCSA) helps players accomplish their dream of playing esports in college. Their team of 750+ experts will help you and your family make sense of the recruiting process.

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Shoutcaster Competition

At The Esports Combine, casters compete against one another in 'shoutcast competitions' to determine the best when the competition is over. For our casters, they will be slotted into the Esport title that they’re comfortable with and will be casting throughout the weekend, whether that is by themselves or with other casters at the time.

Shoutcaster competition is open to any student enrolled in a post-secondary institution.

High School Invitational

Before the Virtual Combine event, players will be invited to compete in intense team-based competitions to record game-play for future scouts to review. Players of ALL skill levels will be categorized and sorted for the recruiters and coaches. Whether you are a Grandmaster or a Bronze, some programs will fit your gamer and academic goals.

Want to add your school to this list? Contact Us! Participation is free!

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