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I am looking for clan members for My clan ToPlayers. You can use advanced search options for clans and search up the name. I have all the stuff in there. It's a Fortnite clan, Me introducing myself, the way how I will try you out, and finally my requirements. Please note that my requirements are very strict.

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I want to join a competitive Fortnite clan. NA (East)


My epic name is TP Beatz Prod yt, and I have been only playing the game for 9 months. I started 2 weeks before chapter 2 season 5 ended and I have improved so much in the game. I am always trying to get better, I am both a creative warrior and a comp player. I do have a mic and I play on Nintendo switch lite. I am known to be the best switch lite player and I haven't got beaten by another switch lite player yet. I want to join a Fortnite competitive clan because I want to grind harder and harder at the game. I am thinking about becoming a straight creative warrior. And the reason I want to become a manager is that I want to expand the clan that I'm in the best I can. I am also a beatmaker and my youtube channel is TP Beatz Productions. I have been making beats for a while and I would love to make a joined ... video. I had a clan but it wasn't working out so I want to join one that is willing to work with me. I also can't send clips so you will have to add me so you can see my skill during whatever 1v1 you want to do.

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