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Searching for a SCC 2021 team


I main Support, but can play carry and solo aswell

EU (West)

Hello there, my name is Kevin and I am a 19 year old gamer playing smite as my most favorite game of all time. I have been playing smite since August 2015 and feel like im ready to join up with a team and practice for the Challenger Circuit 2021. I am a non-toxic player and hope to find people around my skill level that will help me and them improve in this teamfighting game. These are the roles I am able to play as (from best to great): 1) Support 2) Carry 3) Solo I am not the best jungler or mid laner, but if I have to then I might be able to do well with a lot of practice for these 2 roles. (I rather don't though) I hope to find some people I can play and hangout with as we practice for that 2021 CC.