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Michael "Requiem" Campbell is an avid, and competitive, video game enthusiast who has always been fascinated by the world of esports. From watching the original Starcraft Esports Matches to now avidly playing Ranked in his favorite games of choice, it has always been an incredible passion to move onto the professional scene.

Born in California, raised in Utah, and now attending Private Boarding School in Massachussets at the age of 17, Michael has seen many walks-of-life. Despite this, none have ever beat out the innate desire for esports. With the start of a new decade, and college nearing ever closer, he's now in search of ways to advance his Career, Connections, and possible Future in the Esports Industry as a whole.

Rounding out his main games are Rainbow Six Siege and League of Legends. There's always room to improve and climb, but looking past surface-level rankings will show that Michael is beyond ready to step-up to the challenge of not only collegiate, but one day professional esports.

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Gold III Multi-Role Player, Looking for Partners NA (East)

Top // JG // ADC

I've been playing League of Legends since Season 5, but I haven't cared too much about competitive until this last year. This (upcoming) season, I'll be looking to climb hard up the ranked ladder. I'm laid back and friendly, but still have a strong desire to push hard :D

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Requiem GYO Verified