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My name is Jared Malott. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana. I am 36 years old, a disabled Marine Corps infantry veteran, an Eagle Scout with a college degree and a life-long gamer since Old Maid with my babysitter and an Atari 2600 in my parent's basement. I love board/card/video/PC games and find myself still playing pretty religiously, albeit mostly as a winddown activity, but still see pretty good results for an old man. At this point, I play Magic: the Gathering, Call of Duty, Apex, Fortnite and have really gotten into story driven games. It just so happens, I'm also in the process of building the gaming mecca we've all dreamed of (, so there's that. I don't have any expectations, but it'd be awesome to go through this process and see what comes out the other side. I can do it all! Only thing I need at this point is a team.

Thank you for the opportunity


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