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highschool senior with a nack for almost all games. I've been playing video games for my entire life while I consider my best game to be rocket league I'm interested in a variety of different games and styles of games such as, Overwatch, fortnite, Halo, and Call of duty. I love teamwork and communication but I also now how to handle my own and not buckle under pressure. Playing video games has been a life long goal of mine but I have not had the time to try and persue it, however I'm starting to get more and more time and am now trying to make it my career. I'm a very spontaneous and outgoing person and if you have any questions just ask me, I love to talk.

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2's main but looking to get better at 3's NA (East)

my main account is on xbox but I recently made a steam account that I have now gotten up to diamond 2 making progress to diamond 3 and champ 1..... and I solo que

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Jmurch3 GYO Verified