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I am Anthony Parsons also known as "Gusty" online. I would like to start out with the fact that I am senior in high school, but that doesn't mean I won't be interested in joining Esports programs. So feel free to message me if you interested in me. Ever since I found the world of Esports I've wanted to compete in it one day. I believe that I can make a name of myself in the world of esports by popping off in any game I touch. I'm am very coachable and I have an open mind so anyone on my team can pitch in some ideas. I believe I am a good leader and a shot caller. I can analyze the situation and make a choice that I think works best. I believe this is the start of my Esports career. 

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Main Support LF Overwatch Collegiate Team NA (East)

Main Support (Lucio, Mercy, Brig, Bap)

I've scrimmed up to 4k SR and been competing for almost a year. Been able to get to finals and semi finals of every tournament I've been apart of. A strong competitor and looking to improve.

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SDST eSpartans
High school

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