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I have been playing FPS games longer than most people have been alive. I am an ancient relic from another time that plays Claw on controllers.


2006 Halo 2 LAN Touramanet, Marion, IN, 1st


2006 Halo 2 LAN Tournament, Marion, IN 2nd


2007 Halo 3 eBash LAN Tournament,

Terra Haute, IN

2nd place (Snip3down's team won)


2008 Halo 3 eBash LAN Tournament, Terra Haute, IN

1st Place


Halo 3 2009 MLG Columbus, 33rd place


Halo 3 2010 MLG Columbus, 21st place


2v2 Halo Reach Microsoft Store Mixer Match-Up 2 Time Champions (Keystone Store, Indianapolis, IN 2019/2020

1st place both events! :) We played as team Slow Burn. The VOD and stats are online. 



I also coached for many teams over the years at LAN events. (Keeping coms open, relaying important call outs, keeping the team positive, reminding them of weapon timers, ect.)

From 2010-2014 I offered a personal coaching service for Halo 3 and Halo Reach. This included one-on-one sessions explaining map placement, set-ups, rotation, when to rotate, when to stay alive and pull spawns, where and how to force spawns on maps based off current location, centering techniques, game mechanics and VOD reviews. This service also included matchmaking games and 1v1 customs. 


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