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Hi, my name is Chase "Vizzlo" Elkins. I am currently a Junior in high school and working hard to keep a decent gpa. I am constantly on the lifting floor building strength and staying heathly to be at top performance level for gaming. I want to keep that same energy for esports that I have for lifting and I plan to no matter what. I am confident in my ability to play with a team or as a leader of a team. At current, I am a Co-Captain of my high school esports team. Our school has more focus on Rainbow Six Siege, CoD, and Smash bros. I am personally on the Rainbow and cod teams, leader of the cod team. I am determined to enter the next level of gaming and trying to get noticed by creating youtube content and streaming every weekend on twitch. The way I see everything in life is that "There are no shortcuts to any place worth going". - Beverly Sills

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Gold 3, Flex on defense and Support on attack NA (Midwest)

I main support

I like to anchor more often than not on def. On attack I prefer support


Flex player looking for comp/collegiate team NA (Midwest)

Fragger with smg or AR

I prefer to run and gun always but if need be I can easily push with my team.

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Chieftain E-Sports
High school

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DragonRider359 GYO Verified