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LAGr Gaming is an esports organization based out of Nashville TN that specializes in event organization and the building of brands for it's members and players. Our recruitment is always open whether you are a collegiate player looking for program support or are a player looking to break into the pro scene.

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Community Updates

Last Gamer Standing Finalist - What makes me an awesome gamer ? Feature Image

Last Gamer Standing Finalist - What makes me an awesome gamer ?

Jakob "VXVX" Johnson

The Tale of LAGr VXVX


    My journey into gaming began when I was first introduced to Call of Duty like many others still in the scene today. I was introduced to it at a very young age and fell in love with it instantly. Me and my friends would stay up all night competing in Clan Wars. Since then I have marked my footprint in the esports ecosystem and I am here to share that story. The Tale of LAGr VXVX. 


Early Life


    I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada but grew up in Los Angeles, California. Due to me having a major speech impediment since birth I grew up in special education. I was sheltered heavily as a young child due to how severely I was bullied for being in special education. I found comfort in gaming whether it was playing Super Mario Sunshine on my Gamecube or playing web browser games on our family laptop. 


My love for gaming never ended but I did not get introduced to esports until me and my family moved to Tennessee in 2012. At this point I was able to finally make friends in school and not just be that "kid in special ed". I was able to thrive in high school and further my passion for gaming.


First Steps in Esports


    My first real dive into Esports was in 2012 when I joined social media and started to follow the first season of Call of Duty presented by Major League Gaming. I was the normal everyday fan boy at this point with the dreams of one day being in Team Kaliber. It was at this point I started going by the name LAGr VXVX. Many ask me where the name LAGr comes from and the best I can tell people is that people always called me a lagger because my internet sucked and I made it into my thing and made the name fancy. I have used this name since the beginning and I have no plans to ever stop.


Starting after the first season of Call of Duty Championship many local organizations such as EliteTGaming and NJROD started to become more popular among the amateur scene. At this point I had gaming friends from around the United States of America. I heard that teams who attended these events normally represented teams and organizations. I decided to have teams represent LAGr as a true organization and not just an online team. That is what started my love for owning an organization.


Finding Success


    Shortly after having players represent LAGr Gaming at a few events I really wanted to host an event. I was only 15 years old at the time and didn't really have the money to do something like that. I was determined to organize an event despite the money. I searched all the venues and such around me. The Score of Murfressboro was a LAN center near me that had the ability for me to host a Call of Duty LAN. Thankfully the owner Zach gave me a chance to organize an event at my age just to see if I could do it. 


Since then I have hosted over 30 different LAN events and over 100 online tournaments under my brand. This only fueled my passion for gaming. At this point I wanted to be more involved in every aspect of esports. I started competing myself, creating content, writing journalism, hosting podcasts and as of recently teaching esports management on Udemy.


Where am I now ?


    My journey is not near its end but I am at a major milestone in my career. From achieving multiple championships at the local, collegiate and major level as not only a competitor but also as an organization owner to having over 10 active students I am teaching Esports to on Udemy, my career is just beginning. A lot of my recent endeavours have involved collegiate esports as I am looking for a way to pay for college after losing a lot of scholarships and federal aid due to my mothers history with the IRS disqualifying me from stuff such as TN Promise. 


Last year I met the great people at GYO Score who partnered with the Indiana Sports Corporation for an Esports Combine featuring over 100 schools and universities. I took part in the event and had my organization LAGr Gaming work directly in setting things up to even having myself speak on panels about my history in gaming. Thankfully I did receive many offers that I am still considering such as a Full Tuition Scholarship to the University of North America.


Future Plans


    I think the next steps in my career is to further pursue college Esports and those avenues. I am currently in talks with both Special Olympics Texas and the Indiana Sports Corporation about joining their teams part time to build up my resume for a more secured role. I am also currently working for a startup focused on local SEO and marketing automation for grassroots esports. Something that is not yet the norm in the world of esports. 


I will also continue to further my organization LAGr Gaming and I do not plan to ever stop it. I have had multiple opportunities to join larger organizations but those would require me to quit LAGr Gaming and I have declined every single one of them.


Social Media


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Joel "Mr-MadGear" Withers

Joel "Mr-MadGear" Withers

Joel Withers, better known as Mr-MadGear is a Street Fighter V compeitor and content creator based out of Houston Texas. His motto "guaranteed to rob you at least once or your money back" has rang true since the launch of Street Fighter V.


He has many feats in his career which includes multiple top 4 finishes at events such as River City Rollback and Cross Up. He has also secured himself many championships both online and in person for Battle for the Bruce Lee and TheOnlineLocal. Being at the heart of Texas has allowed Joel to compete in all regional events such as West Coast and East Coast, with the newest addition of MidWest being announced for the Capcom Pro Tour.


Joel recently joined LAGr Gaming and since then has taken a larger step into the content creation side of his career. Since joining the organization he has been accepted into the Ascent Program, CardoMax partnership program. On top of recieving this partnership Joel has also recently teamed up with Sector Six to offer official gear for his Twitch community.


Joel has contributed his success to the Houston FGC for giving him the ablility to take his game to the next level while letting him prove to others why his region is a powerhouse for Street Fighter V.

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Smash Brothers Ultimate - Recruitment Feature Image

Smash Brothers Ultimate - Recruitment

We are looking to kick off our next recruitment cycle for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Following a few of our players going inactive due to the recent events our plans are to pick up 1 or 2 more players to fill those spots. If you are interested in applying please reach out to us on any social platform or apply on here directly.


Benefits :

- Social media & event coverage

- Graphic assets provided by organization

- Sponsored carepackages for top proformers

- Monetary benefits are done on a case by case basis

Membership programs

- CardoMax offers tier 2 and 3 sponsorships directly to top proformers

- Sector Six offers creator stores directly to content creators


Learn More

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The Path To Tokyo : Central America Feature Image

The Path To Tokyo : Central America

The Intel World Open is nearing the end of the Street Fighter V closed qualifiers and one of the last regions on the roadmap is Central America. The top 4 players across this region will battle it out July 2nd for 2 spots in the regional finals against 6 others from Mexico and Pureto Rico.


Winners Round 1 match ups include RickieJ, the champion of the 1st qualifier taking on Olivo who took the final spot in this stage. The other side of bracket features our own GranTODAKAI taking on Mono, these 2 faced off in the first qualifier and TODAKAI won 2-0 securing a spot in the closed qualifiers.



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Central America Olympic Journey - LAGr | GRANTODAKAI Feature Image

Central America Olympic Journey - LAGr | GRANTODAKAI

    Ricardo Mosquera is a Street Fighter V player from Panama who has been making waves over the past month between being picked up by LAGr Gaming to qualifying for the closed stage of the Intel World Open Road to Toyko. Ricardo is also currently a member of Wild Abandon, a stream community with a focus of helping community events and charity outreach.


GRANTODAKAI has been actively competing for over 4 years from Super Smash Brothers to Dragon Ball FighterZ to Street Fighter V. Recently he has been taking on higher level of competition by competiting in the Capcom Pro Tour which he did secured top 8 in Central America in the 2020 season. His currently adventures include the Intel World Open which is part of the Road To Tokyo 2020 Olympics circuit.


Following a top 2 placement in the first open qualifier for Central America Ricardo has became one of the 4 players who will represent the global region in the closed stage where they will fight to move onto the regional finals to face top players from around the world. You can catch him in action July 2nd at 5pm CST.


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Hungry For The Gold - LAGr l Child233 Feature Image

Hungry For The Gold - LAGr l Child233

Hungry For The Gold - LAGr l Child233


    Michael Ellerbee also knowned as Child233 has recently been on a rampage in preparation for the 2021 Capcom Pro Tour season. After finishing top 16 last season Michael has set his heart out on getting top 8 or better in the upcoming North American East qualifiers. He has also greatly increase his online rank to 52nd out of 3.5 million players world wide after being between 65th and 70th for nearly a year.
Michael has founded much success with Balrog following the season 5 update that saw many changes not only to his character but to the game itself with the addition to the new block mechanic called V-Shift. This new move now allows for a 1 frame block on wake up.
This past weekend Child233 participated in both Rival Fools and Metro City Brawl to help prefect his game leading up to the pro tour. During these events Child233 was put up against some of the strongest fighters in the country such as NYCFurby also known as Sabin. Child233 found himself victorius in both events and while being interviewed when asked about his minus 4 overhead said "Everybody gets 1".
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Achieve The Knockout : Capcom Pro Tour Giveaway Feature Image

Achieve The Knockout : Capcom Pro Tour Giveaway

Win big every time a member of LAGr Gaming defeats an opponent in the Capcom Pro Tour 2021. The farther the players get in the bracket the greater the giveaway at the end. If a member places top 16 in any of the qualifiers expect the max. #CardoMax #AchieveYourMax


Giveaway : All projections are done based off a 64 person bracket

1 Win : 10$ Gift card 

2 Wins : 20$ Gift card

3 Wins : 30$ Gift card

4 Wins : 50$ Gift card

5+ Wins : 60$ Gift card

Top 16 : 100$ Gift card (Player wins in pool play and moves onto top 16)

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Rogue Company Player League Feature Image

Rogue Company Player League

Rogue Company Player League

LAGr Gaming has officially entered Rogue Company and will be taking on the RCPL which begins March 13th. The event will consist of teams facing off against each other twice each during the season with the top 2 teams facing off once again to be crowned the champions.

Rogue Company Player League will feature a total prize pool of $600 split among the top teams. Teams are incentivized to strike early and hard since prize money is being awarded based on regular season record as well as end of season feats. The players that finish the league with the most kills and most revives will also earn a bonus reward of $25.


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CardoMax : Official Esports Sponsor Feature Image

CardoMax : Official Esports Sponsor

CardoMax officially enters the field of Esports with their sponsorship of LAGr Gaming. This partnership will help the organization #AchieveTheMax. CardoMax offers a wide range of products that include Energy Intensifier, Immuse Boosters and Recovery Accelerant to help you bring it. Kickstart your day below and save on your next order. #LAGrTakeOver


Follow CardoMax

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GYO Score Stream Division Feature Image

GYO Score Stream Division

LAGr Gaming has decided to create the GYO Score Stream Division to kick off the 2021 season. This division will be open to both college students and traditional gamers who are ready to take the next steps in esports. We have launched this division to help us raise money for a good cause. LAGr Gaming has joined Extra Life for a third year and we are hoping to break $500 for charity in 2021.

"Extra Life is a fundraising event, the proceeds of which go to branches of the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. 100% of all donations go directly to the hospitals. Extra Life was formed in 2008 to honor Victoria Enmon, who died of acute lymphoblastic. "

Team Page


Requirements -

- Stream Affiliate/Partner

- Active Following

- No Community Strikes

- Family Friendly Content

Benefits -

- Graphic Package

- Sector Six Storefront*

- Donation Incentives

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LAGr Gaming : Master Series Feature Image

LAGr Gaming : Master Series

LAGr Gaming has joined the Master Series, a premium Counter Strike event that kicks off March 1st and is hosted by The Online Fighting League. The event is broken down into 2 phases of competition. The first will include a pool play style system giving teams the chance to play all others in their group with top 2 moving onto the finals.

LAGr Gaming :

Captain : Venatus

- Bjork

- Dylexia

- Raiolo

- Upr1se


"Master Series the Online Fighting League's premium CSGO event. Made to play host to the best of the best in the growing european esports scene - this is where great teams prove themself to be the best." - OFL

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Extra Life 2021 Feature Image

Extra Life 2021

    We have teamed up with Extra Life for a 3rd year in a row and would like your help to raise some much needed money for local hospitals who are facing extra challenges with the current pandemic. We are opening up our Extra Life team to all of those wanting to help. You can join below.

    "Extra Life is a fundraising event, the proceeds of which go to branches of the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. 100% of all donations go directly to the hospitals. Extra Life was formed in 2008 to honor Victoria Enmon, who died of acute lymphoblastic leukemia." - Google Business

--- Join ---



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Quarantined Rapport Feature Image

Quarantined Rapport

   Quarantined Rapport is a series of charity events that raise money for Direct Relief with the next event being February 19-21st and will feature over 45 tournaments acorss multiple platforms. LAGr Gaming will be sponsoring the prize pools for both Def Jam Fight For New York and Killer Instinct. You can find more info about the event with the links below.


Event Info // Donate // Sign Up


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Killer Instinct ANZ World Tour Feature Image

Killer Instinct ANZ World Tour

Killer Instinct ANZ World Tour :

    LAGr Gaming and GYO Score have decided to team up with the KI ANZ community for the 2021 KI World Tour circuit. This partnership will help us bring awareness to the Killer Instinct scene from Australia and New Zealand. You can catch the next event in the KI ANZ curcuit February 23rd as the top battle it out in Surf and Turf.

LAGr Gaming recently picked up Say No More from the region as they seek to build up a KI roster for the tour to secure a region victory. You can tune into the twitch video below as they took on local rival Vegie Mite in a exhibition match.

View Video


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Social Media Sponsor : GYO Feature Image

Social Media Sponsor : GYO

    LAGr Gaming and GYO Score started working together for the Esports Combine : Road To Indy where Jakob Johnson the owner of LAGr spoke on a panel about students involvement in clubs and programs at their schools. Since then the brands have worked together to bring more eyes to the collegiate scene as well as build the new interface to the GYO platform.

We are happy to announce that GYO will be joining the LAGr Gaming family as our official social media sponsor. This partnership will allow us to keep bringing the communities we serve the best events possible from online ladders to in person LAN events once they are able to return safely.


Social : Twitter // Twitch

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Console Killers Official Jerseys Feature Image

Console Killers Official Jerseys

Our PUBG division is officially locked in for the Championship League which begins March 5th, 2021 and runs until August 1st. The league will feature the first console supported league presented by PUBG Console League in partnership with PUBG Corp. You can support our squad by heading to the link below and grabbing yourself an official Console Killers jersey or hoodie.


Shop Now - Use "ConsoleKillersLaunch" at checkout for 15% off

This code will expire at midnight on 2/5
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Sector Six Team of the Week Feature Image

Sector Six Team of the Week

Sector Six announced LAGr Gaming as the 7th team of the week in their team spotlight showcase after we placed 2nd overall at MES Call of Duty event losing only to 3Kings Gaming which featured pro league players. View the article below.


Kontrol Freek Team of The Month Feature Image

Kontrol Freek Team of The Month

Kontrol Freek launched the "Forge" when the company expanded on the partners program they had beforehand called Ascendors. The new program is devided between 3 tiers each of which are provided with many benefits which range from social media support to paid endorsements. At launch the Forge had 12 organization and since then has grown to over 20 brands and companies.

The first team of the month was LAGr Gaming. As part of being picked the organization was interviewed on instagram live and took over the Kontrol Freek official Twitch channel. You can view the interview and website post below.

Interview // Website

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PlayStation Open Series Champion Feature Image

PlayStation Open Series Champion

The Playstation Open Series kicks off the current season featuring many titles one of which is Street Fighter V. The compeition features 4 weeks of qualifiers and a finals following the qualifiers. Our player Child233 enters the first East qualifier and secures a match count of 6-0 and a score count of 18-0 securing the gold and a spot in finals.

LAGr Gaming Verified - eFuse Feature Image

LAGr Gaming Verified - eFuse

EFuse launched as a social media platform and hub for professional gamers and content creators which also caters to collegeiate players looking for the opportunities that await them. The website went live to the public January 2nd 2020 following a beta which features over 20,000 members. LAGr Gaming joined the platform shortly after it going live and becomes one of the 1st verfied on the new platform.

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