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Plymouth, Wisconsin

Founded: April 2020


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Group Rules Overview

As a member, you are responsible for knowing all official rules of the group. By participating in the group, you are agreeing that you are aware of all rules associated and agree to abide by them at all times.

Be a Good Person

Above all else, we require all of our members to simply be good to one another.  Please be kind and treat others as you would wish to be treated.  Toxic, trolling, insulting, or otherwise disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

No Spamming Please

While we encourage members to discuss what they are working on or to share content with the community, please do not abuse this by spamming you content excessively.

Contact the Admins

When in doubt, you can contact the admins using the Contact tab on the group page.

Rules for Staff

These are guidelines and rules for the group that all coaches must acknowledge and follow. Please review all rules carefully.

Official Game Rules

The official rules for the game as dictated by the operator.

Rules have not been posted yet. Please check back later.

GYO is a website platform that enabled the creation, promotion, and management of social groups, leagues, tournaments, and other gaming events (collectively “Products”).  All Products operated on GYO are operated by individuals and/or organizations (“Operator”) who dictate the final rules and operational guidelines. GYO and its parent companies are not liable for any damages caused by these third parties.  

To contact the individual or organization responsible for each Product, you may use the Contact link supplied on each Product listing.

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