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New Students: Esports Scholarships ... Feature Image

New Students: Esports Scholarships ...

New Students: Esports Scholarships Now Available At Lakeland 

@everyone I am happy to announce that Lakeland University has created an Esports Scholarship Program Fund to award $1,000 - $3,000/year for new, qualified students. Esports Scholarships are stackable with Lakeland's academic ($10,000 - $16,000/year) and cooperative education ($2,000 - $4,000) scholarships. The scholarships are available for new, full-time enrolled freshman or transfer students in the traditional undergraduate program at Lakeland's home campus outside of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Outside sponsorships and donations have allowed Lakeland to create this scholarship fund to help support the recruitment and development of Lakeland's Esports Program into a nationally renowned program. 

Scholarship Awarding Process: 
Prospective students can be offered LU Esports Scholarships by the Head Coach @[Lakeland University]Ahman Green. Interested new students should set up an official in-person or virtual campus visit to visit the facility, meet the staff and players, and audition/try out by playing with staff and/or players ( 

Become an Esports Recruit:
Prospective students can also begin the recruitment process by completing our Recruitment Questionnaire:

 Renewing Requirements:
- Maintain full-time enrollment in the traditional undergraduate program at the main campus
- Maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA
- Maintain good standing (personal conduct) with the campus community
- Embody the core values of Lakeland's Esports Program
- Maintain active status on the esports roster
- Maintain strong service to esports program beyond competitions (not limited to: staffing summer esports camps, assist with esports recruitment, assist with social media, streaming production, shoutcasting, etc.)
eSports Questionnaire

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Join us for our second LU Esports ... Feature Image

Join us for our second LU Esports ...

Join us for our second LU Esports Preview Night on Coach's Green Twitch Channel tonight at 7pm CDT?

Anybody wan to squad up?  See you tonight?

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