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Sunday Singles Showcase - Rocket League 1v1

Sunday Singles Showcase - Rocket League 1v1

Online Tournament

Division: On-Site Showcase | Platform: PC

Playoffs Start
Mar 6
11:00am EST

Start Date
Mar 6
1:00pm EST

Reg Type

Game Titles
  • Rocket League
Game Title
Rocket League
Team Format


Game Platform

Round Format

Best of 3



Tournament Rules Overview

As a player, you are responsible for knowing all official rules of the game. By participating in the tournament, you are agreeing that you are aware of all rules associated with the tournament and the sport, and agree to abide by them at all times.

GYO is a website platform that enabled the creation, promotion, and management of leagues, tournaments, and other gaming events (collectively "Events"). All Events operated on GYO are operated by individuals and/or organizations ("Event Operator") who dictate the final rules and operational guidelines. GYO and its parent companies are not liable for any damages caused by these third parties.

To contact the individual or organization responsible for each Event, you may use the Contact link supplied on each Event listing.


Match: A single head-to-head competition versus an opponent.
Series: A series of schedules matches. The best of "n" matches is the typical format used to determine a winner of a Series between two teams.
Win: A win is obtained by winning the majority of matches that make up a series of individual matches. For example, in a Best of 5 Series, a Win is awarded to the Competitor who is victorious in 3 Matches out of a total 5 Matches within the Series.
Loss: A loss is obtained by losing an individual series.

Entry Eligibility

All players/teams ("Competitors") must read through and agree to all of the rules laid out by the Event Operator.
All Competitors must be registered on
If set by the Event Operator, all Competitors will be required to pay a registration fee and forfeiture fee in order to participate in the Event. Failure to comply within set deadline may result in forfeiture of roster or team spot to participate in the event.

Cheating / Exploits / Illegal Actions

Any and all forms of exploiting the game in a way not specifically designed by the game manufacturer for the purposes of gaining competitive advantage is and will always be considered Cheating. All forms of Cheating are explicitly banned and any actions deemed to be Cheating may result in permanent explusion from the Event and all future Events. Common examples of Cheating are included below, but this list is not exhaustive and may not contain all examples of cheating. Event Operator will issue a final ruling on any reported case of Cheating not described herein.

Normal Boundaries: Competitors who move their character outside of the normal boundaries of a map may forfeit the game. Moving outside of the normal boundaries of a map includes but is not limited to part of the character's body passing through what should be a non-permeable surface or object, and moving into any area from which your character registers shots on an opponent who is not able to register shots on your character.

After the match lobby has been created, only eligible Competitors that are registered on the GYO Score platform on the appropriate team may be invited/join. If a Competitor is found to have invited an ineligible Competitor to a game, they will forfeit the game.

Restricted Items and Incorrect Settings: Most games will have a restricted list of items and/or game settings, as determined in the Official Game Rules ruleset. Violation of these restrictions and use of any restricted item(s) will result in the loss of the round(s) the item(s) were used in if it affected game play. If the hosting team hosts the lobby with incorrect settings, the hosting team will forfeit each round that the incorrect setting affected gameplay. If a game is hosted out of order, the hosting team will forfeit that game that was played out of order. For example, if Search and Destroy - Azhir Cave is the second game and played as the first game, the hosting team will forfeit Search and Destroy - Azhir Cave. The correct first game/map will need to be played.

Match Hosting

The Host is defined as the Competitor who must create the in-game lobby and ensure that the proper game settings are used, and all other Competitors are properly invited to the lobby.

For all matches, one team will be designed the "Home" team while the other team will be designated the "Away" team.

The Home team at the match time must host the first game. The Away team will host the second game. This will alternate until a tie break game is required.

Hosting Competitors should create the custom lobby. As the hosting team changes over the course of the match, the new hosting Competitor should leave the lobby and create a new one.

If a Competitor's connection to the server becomes unreasonable during a game, the game must still be played through the completion of the match. If all Competitors agree, they may change and/or alternate to other hosts in order to try to find an appropriate Host.

If the Host incorrectly ends a game, their team may forfeit the game.

Final Decisions: Event Operators have the final decision in all matters related to each competition. If a Competitor feels the decision is unjust and/or goes against the rules listed for this competition, then they will be given the opportunity to present themselves to the Event Operators.

Common Match Rules

Match Recordings: Where possible and available, both teams must assign at least one Competitor from their team to record the gameplay of the match. This gameplay recording may be submitted during score reporting, and will serve to help settle any disputes regarding rule violations and scoring discrepancies.

Disconnections: If a Competitor disconnects within the first thirty (30) seconds and/or before the first point scored, the game should be ended. All Competitors must leave the match to end the game.

If a Competitor disconnects after the first thirty seconds (30) and/or the first point scored, the match must be continued and the missing Competitor should be reinvited to the lobby. If the team with the missing Competitor leaves the lobby, their team may forfeit the round/game in question.

Match Day / Match Procedures

Scheduling & Rescheduling

The official Event schedule will be provided by the Event Operator prior to the start of the Event. All Competitors will be expected to know the schedule and understand when their official matches are scheduled to begin. Competitors are responsible for not missing their scheduled matches and, in the case that they must miss, they follow proper procedures for re-scheduling and/or finding substitute Competitors.

If a Competitor is scheduled to play a match and does not provide any communication about being late or attempting to reschedule, the match will be forfeited 15 minutes after the match was scheduled to start. If the Competitor attempts to make contact or is running a few minutes late, the opposing Competitors should attempt to be as flexible as possible to allow for the match to occur without issue.

If all Competitors within a match agree to a re-schedule, they may do so with approval from the Event Operator. Competitors should be thoughtful and try to accomodate for life circumstances and not have that take away from the experience with the Events. Rescheduled games must be completed before the following weeks match. Teams must mutually agree on the rescheduled game and the agreement must be documented via text in discord or another applicable communication application.

Day of Match

Competitors will need to check in on GYO before to the start of their official Event match. The check-in page for each Event can be found on the official schedule.

Check-in opens 1 hour before the set match time. Upon check-in, the player should use GYO chat features to communicate with their opponent and make sure they have them added to their in-game friend lists to facilitate faster game lobby creation. Each Competitor will designate who on their team will represent their match Host.

The Competitor hosting the lobby must attempt to contact their opponent with an invite for the match within 10 min of the scheduled start time. If the opponent does not respond within that 10 min time frame, the host should contact the administrator with a recording of contact attempts to be granted a forfeit win. If a player is not contacted by their opposing host within 10 min of the start of a match, they must attempt to contact their opponent and invite them to a game. If these attempts at contact fail after 10 min, the player can submit proof of the contact attempt to be given a forfeit win.

Match Result Reporting

Competitors will be responsible for self-reporting match results. Competitors should be sure to record their match via the in console recording so that the recording can be reviewed in case of a dispute. If there is a dispute and neither side has any recording proof of the match result the match will be replayed. Should neither party accept the replay then both parties will be disqualified from the event. Reporting takes place on the Event page for the schedule match. The Captain of the winning Team is responsible for reporting the final match results through the GYO score report system. The opposing team Captain is responsible for verifying the match score report for accuracy, and may dispute the results if they believe the report to be erroneous.


The standings of the league will be measured per group using a points system based on win/loss record. A win will award a Competitor with 1 point, a tie will award a Competitor with 0.5 points, and a loss will award a Competitor with 0 points.

Rules for Coaches

These are guidelines and rules for the league that all coaches must acknowledge and follow. Please review all rules carefully.

Official Game Rules

The official rules for the game as dictated by the operator.

Supported Platforms

Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Nintendo Switch

Rocket League supports Crossplay, therefore Competitors from any compatible device may participate in the league so long as they are able to connect to and play against all opponent Competitors.

Default Game Settings

Home team will be the first Host. The Away team will have choice of which team is which color, which will not change for the duration of the match.

The game settings should be set to the following:

Game Mode: Soccar

Arena: DFH Stadium OR another arena agreed upon by both teams from the list below.

Team Size: 3v3

Bot Difficulty: No Bots

Team Settings

Team Names should be in accordance with the sides chosen by the Away team

Primary and accent colors should be set to Default

Mutator Settings

Preset Settings: Custom

Match Length: 5 minutes

Max Score: Unlimited

Overtime: Unlimited

Series Length: 5 games

Game Speed: Default

Ball Max Speed: Default

Ball Type: Default

Ball Physics: Default

Ball Size: Default

Ball Bounciness: Default

Boost Amount: Default

Rumble: None

Boost Strength: 1x

Gravity: Default

Demolish: Default

Respawn Time: 3 seconds

Region: As agreed upon by both teams

Joinable By: Name/Password (to be determined by hosting team)

In the event that incorrect settings loaded on the server, the match should be stopped and reset. Previously played games with incorrect format will not count towards the series.


Allowed Arenas

The following arenas are available for switching to during an official match:


Champions Field

Champions Field (Day)

DFH Stadium

DFH Stadium (Day)

DFH Stadium (Stormy)


Mannfield (Night)

Mannfield (Snowy)

Mannfield (Stormy)

Neo Tokyo

Salty Shores

Starbase ARC

Urban Central

Urban Central (Dawn)

Urban Central (Night)

Utopia Coliseum

Utopia Coliseum (Dusk)

Utopia Coliseum (Snowy)


Wasteland (Night)

Server Region

The following server regions are available for use in official matches:


In the event where teams are unable to agree on which server region to play the match, the server region will alternate between games starting with the home team's server region choice.

Game Restrictions


Any bodies, decals, wheels, rocket boosts, toppers, antennae, goal explosions, trails, or engine audios that are currently disabled in competitive 3v3 queues are not permitted for use in official matches.

Leaving and Rejoining Teams

Competitors are not allowed to leave their team and then rejoin to put them on the other side of the arena and will be considered cheating.

Competitor Count

Both teams participating in a match must provide 3 Competitors at the beginning of the first game, and 2 for each consecutive game. During a game, if a team should lose 2 Competitors that have disconnected with the intention of no longer playing in the match at the same time, that team will forfeit the remainder of the game to the opposing team. If a team is not able to field the required amount of Competitors for additional games in the series, then they will forfeit the remainder of the match.

GYO is a website platform that enabled the creation, promotion, and management of social groups, leagues, tournaments, and other gaming events (collectively “Products”).  All Products operated on GYO are operated by individuals and/or organizations (“Operator”) who dictate the final rules and operational guidelines. GYO and its parent companies are not liable for any damages caused by these third parties.  

To contact the individual or organization responsible for each Product, you may use the Contact link supplied on each Product listing.

Important Dates

New Player Registration
Feb 8 - Mar 6

Group Stages Dates
Mar 6

Mar 6

Contact Organizer

Game Details

Rocket League


Roster Size

Team Format

Round Format
Best of 3

Sunday Singles Showcase - Rocket League 1v1

Sunday Singles Showcase - Rocket League 1v1