Hungry For The Gold - LAGr l Child233

Hungry For The Gold - LAGr l Child233


    Michael Ellerbee also knowned as Child233 has recently been on a rampage in preparation for the 2021 Capcom Pro Tour season. After finishing top 16 last season Michael has set his heart out on getting top 8 or better in the upcoming North American East qualifiers. He has also greatly increase his online rank to 52nd out of 3.5 million players world wide after being between 65th and 70th for nearly a year.
Michael has founded much success with Balrog following the season 5 update that saw many changes not only to his character but to the game itself with the addition to the new block mechanic called V-Shift. This new move now allows for a 1 frame block on wake up.
This past weekend Child233 participated in both Rival Fools and Metro City Brawl to help prefect his game leading up to the pro tour. During these events Child233 was put up against some of the strongest fighters in the country such as NYCFurby also known as Sabin. Child233 found himself victorius in both events and while being interviewed when asked about his minus 4 overhead said "Everybody gets 1".
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Looking for Sponorships!

Opal Phoenix is looking for sponsors to support our up incoming organization!

-With top 10 performances in the 220 team Zotac Tournament as well as quarter-final appearances within Flash Friday's we pride ourselves in being one of the premier up-incoming teams within the scene.
-Many content creators by our side to reach a wider audience as well as coaches and team managers
-Opal Phoenix is also now looking for sponsors to not only provide us some sort of compensation for promoting their brand and name.
-Opal Phoenix looks to help our sponsored brands by not only providing brand recognition within our streams, and social media videos but also include a sponsored company with their own spot on our Team Jersey as well as merchandise.**
-As stated before, we would like to further converse about a possible sponsorship for our Organization for upcoming tournaments we plan to join.
-Events such as Nerd Street Gamer's Valorant Qualifier as well as Valorant Championship Tour/Series would not only provide a great avenue for our fans to view our sponsorship but also, help expose Opal Phoenix with new fans.

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