Changelog 10/8/19

The one where we launch the end of year combines, introduce a lot of new features, and generally get ready for bigger things for GYO Dashboard.

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Changelog 6/24/19

New interview system, team and clan management fixed, and more.

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Changelog 6/4/19

Prepping for Splitgate and the GYO Dashboard

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Changelog 5/30

Changelog 5/30/2019

Our article system was a little borked and our dev team didn't have time to fix it until now, so sorry for the long Changelog hiatus.  We're back on track now.

So many changes to list.... frankly, it's almost entirely a different site.  Try it all again ;)

More detailed listings next week!

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Changelog 2/3/19

Changelog for 2/3/2019

We've been overwhelmed by the support and response to our Scouting Combine!  With that in mind, we put a lot of effort into improving the experience of both players and the venues in advance of the event.

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Changelog 1/23

Changelog 1/23/2019

  • Big bug cleanup patch
  • Password recovery works better
  • Many search tables had broken filters, including....
    • Teams Search
    • League Search
    • Tournament Search
    • Games Search
    • .....couple other searches....
      • These have all been resolved

Known Issues

  • A lot of locations for tournaments and leagues are screwy.  Working on fix.
  • League creation is also wonky.  Improving the interface.
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Changelog 1/22/2019

Changelog 1/22/2019

  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Added Clan/Organizational ability to:
    • Add Sponsors
    • Add Featured Games
    • Add Store (Not quite done, but almost!)
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Changelog 1/19/2019

Changelog 1/20/19

  • Steam login repaired
  • Games section more useful.  Shows coming stats and explains follow/track mechanisms
    • Search by games with data availability
  • Added featured tagging to certain listings to highlight active partners
  • Added the events page
  • Improved filters and display for leagues and tournaments pages
  • Improved the posting and listing process of LFG, recruitment, and scholarship posts
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Locations of Vikendi

  • Added ability to change user account types
  • You can now edit your personal profile section and all fields
  • Added Game Management to the Dashboard, although it's still a little buggy!
  • Dashboard continues to come together.  You now get a different experience depending on if your profile is set to represent an organization, or if you're repping yourself
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PUBG is back up to one million current players on Steam

And the official first entry into the changelog is that.... appropriately.... we have a changelog!  This changelog will display for organizations and users, and will highlight new additions and features to the site.

Changelog 10/28/18

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