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New in SMITE - 7.3 Grim Omens Update

New Event - Grim Omens

A new event begins in SMITE that will follow the story of the next two god releases. Dark times are approaching in the SMITE universe as Yggdrasil withers away from Persephone’s failed plan. Mulan is determined to help humanity in any way she can. She will encounter friends and enemies as she uncovered the truth about the signs that signal the terrifying events that will soon unfold. Can Mulan persevere through the Grim Omens?

New God Skins

Divine Right Jing Wei - Lightbringers…

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Patch Notes v1.75

Scheduled Release: 3/24/2020, 10 a.m. PDT / 5 p.m. UTC


Controller Vibration Settings
  • Changed how controller vibration is set under Options -> Controls[*]Added three Controller Vibration settings
      [*]‘Disabled’ removes all controller vibration[*]‘Default’ only vibrates on impacts, boost activation, and explosions[*]‘All’ adds vibration for the entire duration of a boost
    [*]Added a ‘Vibration Intensity’ slider
      [*]Slider can move between 0.00 and 3.00 in intervals of 0.10[*]Setting…

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Rocket Pass 6 Live Now!

The most-wanted, cybernetic supercar, Ronin, is loose on the streets of Neo Tokyo. Catch it in Rocket Pass 6 along with 70 Tiers of all-new items. Check out this futuristic ride in the trailer below.
Upgrade to Rocket Pass Premium and immediately hotwire Ronin and add it to your inventory. Rocket Pass 6 features 70 Tiers of new items inspired by science-fiction, like HoloData Boost, UFO Engine Audio, and the Rad Rock Goal Explosion!
Get Rocket Pass Premium for 1000 credits, or access 12-Tier boost…

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PUBG 3rd Anniversary Announcement

Dear Community,
On March 23rd, PUBG is officially 3 years old! We want to start off by thanking you for all your support over the last 3 years. 2019 was in a lot of ways a year of taking risks for us. Reworking a beloved map like Erangel required a lot of love and care to get right, but we’re pleased that many of you are happy with the result. We also introduced our smallest map to date, Karakin, which brought a new intensity to PUBG’s brand of Battle Royale.
To help navigate these new and reworked…

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2XP Weekend Starts March 19

With Rocket Pass 5 coming to a close on March 25, we're racing to the end of your journey with a 2XP Weekend! Enjoy 2XP all weekend starting March 19, and unlock Pro Tier Rewards faster than ever!
Once 2XP Weekend begins, you'll earn double the amount of base experience in all Casual, Competitive, and Extra Mode Playlist matches via the "+100% special event" XP Bonus.
Check out the official start and end times below, and enjoy the extra XP!

  • 2XP Start Time: Thursday, March 19 at 2 p.m. PDT (9 p.m. UTC)[*]2XP…

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Rocket Pass 6 Speeds Into The Future Next Week

[previewyoutube=JpIRkKIE4Ig;full][/previewyoutube] Rocket Pass 6 is ready to hit the streets of the Neo Tokyo underground. The newest car, Ronin, is on the run. Check out this most-wanted, cyber-inspired ride in the Rocket Pass 6 announcement trailer.
The next Rocket Pass is set to engage on March 25. Upgrade to Rocket Pass Premium and immediately unlock the cybernetic supercar, Ronin, and splice through to Tier 70 to unlock the fully equipped Ronin GTX! Rocket Pass 6 features 70 Tiers of new items…

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Update 6.3 - Now Live!

Update 6.3 is now available on live servers!

[previewyoutube=Q4sr0-tItnY;full][/previewyoutube]Pick up the all new Panzerfaust and bring an explosive new party to Karakin or grab one of the newly rebalanced guns to try out. The UMP45, Tommy Gun, and M249 have all received some changes. The M249 and DBS have been taken out of Care Packages and can now be found among normal loot on all Battlegrounds.
There are also several quality of life improvements, including much requested changes to remove invincibility…

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Indiana Soccer Association and GYO Score Announce Partnership

Indiana Soccer Association and leading esports and gaming sabermetrics platform GYO Score have partnered to announce the “Keep Kids Playing” campaign, an effort to enable Indiana Soccer’s youth soccer organizations to continue playing with their teammates in esports competitions during Indiana Soccer’s Coronavirus outdoor soccer suspension. Clubs and players will register for free on the GYO Score esports platform and the Champions eLeague Series will then provide an outlet for soccer players & coaches to remain connected, compete, play and learn within a safe, digital environment.

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The Master Chief Collection will test Halo 2, Forge mode by the end of the month

Not two weeks after Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary snuck onto PC, and we’re already talking about the sequel. Steady on, team. This week, John “Masterchief” Halo’s handlers over at 343 Industries announced plans to flight (that’s Halo-speak for “test) Halo 2‘s return to PC in The Master Chief Collection. It’ll trial alongside Forge and Theatre modes for Halo: Reach by the end of the month, with potential fixes for that game’s stubborn audio bugs. (more…)

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1.8.0 Patch Notes


* Best Available - Adding option to queue matchmaking and search for best game available, this will place you in either a social or competitive game* Auto Requeueing - The game will automatically requeue you into the playlist you previously searched for 20 sec after you complete an online match* Matchmaking now cancels if you leave a Waiting Area for the Main Menu


* New Post Game Flow * After a game is completed, players will see a new Post Game UI screen, which will contain various…

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PUBG Labs - Ranked Ruleset 2nd Test

Hello Players,
Last weekend, we conducted the LABS: Ranked Ruleset test. However, due to the Vikendi test running at the same time, many of you asked us for additional time to test. Because of this, we are bringing the Ranked Ruleset back for a round two of testing to give more players a chance to provide their feedback without feeling like they're missing out on other tests.
Before we get to the details of the second test, we want to talk more on why we're making a separate ruleset for ranked in the…

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Patch Notes v1.74


  • Blueprints can now be traded in[*]Some default settings under Camera, Controls, and Interface have changed[*]Added Dynamic Range controls to the Audio menu[*]Spike Rush added as a Mutator preset


  • Ignition Series Blueprints will be available as drops after select Online Matches starting on March 11, 2020 at 10 a.m. PDT / 5 p.m. UTC


Blueprint Trade-Ins
  • You can trade in five Blueprints for one random Blueprint of the next-highest rarity
      [*]All five Trade-in…

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PUBG guns weapons [Update 6.2]: PUBG gun stats, best weapons in Season 6

The unendingly changeable roster of PUBG guns and weapons takes a staggering amount of time to truly master. Each individual gun brings to the table a unique set of stats, spray patterns, behaviours, and other quirks.Our PUBG guns & weapons guide seeks to level out this learning curve just a little, by providing you with all the most up to date stats and opinions on each weapon. So whether you’re new to the game and still struggling to tell an UMP from a Bizon, or you’re a more experienced player…

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Update 6.3 - Now on the Test Server

Update 6.3 just opened up on the Test Servers and we've got some big updates coming your way. We're dropping the much teased Panzerfaust onto Karakin, rebalancing some weapons including one formerly only found in Care Packages, and summing it all up with some bug fixes and quality of life improvements including the much requested change to invincibility in Team Deathmatch. All this and more in Update 6.3! Read on for all the details.

New Weapon: Panzerfaust


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Ignition Series Items Launch March 11

The Ignition Series is the latest collection of new in-game items coming to Rocket League, and it's set to arrive this week! Expect to see these items in the wild beginning on March 11, the day after the March Update.
This Series will feature the first new car of 2020, Komodo (plus 6 Komodo Decals), and 16 additional new items like Tremor Wheels, Tidal Stream Animated Decal, and the Meteor Storm Goal Explosion.
For the first time, you'll be able to get these items in a couple of different ways. Blueprints…

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March Update Releases March 10

Rocket League is getting ready to spring forward in March with the March Update. The update will be live on all platforms on March 10 at 10 a.m. PDT (5 p.m. UTC). Here's everything you can expect on release day:

Blueprint Trade-In

Once the update is live, you'll be able to trade in Blueprints to get a Blueprint of a higher rarity, just like you can with free items. Trade five Blueprints from the same series and same rarity to get one of higher rarity in return!

Fix for Inventory Filters


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Important Rocket League Esports Update

At Psyonix, we take the safety of our competitive players, fans, and personnel very seriously. Due to worldwide health concerns surrounding the developing situation around the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are cancelling the Rocket League Season 9 World Championship live event as scheduled from April 24-26 in Dallas, Texas. We understand that this is frustrating, but health and safety will always be our top priority.
For fans that bought tickets to attend the event at the Curtis Culwell Center through…

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Rocket League's World Championship has been cancelled over coronavirus concerns

Psyonix have hit the breaks on Rocket League‘s upcoming World Championships. Scheduled to take place from April 24-26 in Dallas, Texas, growing concerns around the Covid-19 situation have convinced the developers to cancel the event, move the rest of Season 9’s championship games online and offer full refunds to anyone who’d pre-purchased a chance to see some world-class car footy. (more…)

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LABS: Ranked Ruleset

Hello players!
One of the most important elements of Battle Royale is survival, and being the last survivor standing means growing through experience. However, many of you have stated that PUBG also needs to promote the fierce competition between players as they play and win games, and a ruleset to amplify that competitive spirit. For those players, we're happy to introduce the Ranked Ruleset.
A ruleset like this needs feedback though, so like our previous skill-based rating test, we're looking to…

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Vikendi Update - Playtest with PUBG Partners

Hello Players!
At the beginning of Season 6, we announced that Vikendi was going on a little vacation while we debuted Karakin. Since then, we've given some of Vikendi's landmarks a revamp, modifying terrain, towns, weather, updating Dinopark, and adding new trains that travel around the map! We want to hear what you think about the changes and also collect your feedback early while we apply the final coats of paint to our icy Battleground, so we're giving you the opportunity to playtest the new map…

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