Blaze Fire Games Summer League and Tournament

Blaze Fire Games Summer League and Tournament

Online Tournament

Division: Season 1 | Platform: CROSSPLAY

Playoffs Start
Jul 18
1:00pm CDT

Season Start
Jun 3
6:30pm CDT

Registration Fee
per season
Game Titles
  • Rocket League

Invitation Pending

You have been invited to join this event. Review the information here and respond to the invitation by clicking on the link.

Start Date
Jun 03
Ends Jul 09
Online Tournament

Blaze Fire Games Summer League and Tournament


Welcome to the Blaze Fire Games League and Tournament

Hey gamer - have you been bored out of your mind over the past few months? Are you looking for something fun to do this summer? What if I told you that we had a way to make your summer 2020 one of the most memorable and exciting experiences ever for the entire family?  Well, look no further! Welcome to the Blaze Fire Games Online (5) Week Summer Esports Series.

Beginning June 3 and running until July 11, 2020, our online participants will have the opportunity to select and represent over 13 different esports clubs and play in a public Rocket League Online Tournament hosted by Blaze Fire Games.

Participants who enter will also get the opportunity to win weekly prizes, receive major discounts on Blaze Fire Games merchandise, and earn esports career educational certificates. The online tournament will award some very sweet 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes. Don't believe us!? Check out the Prizes below! It's okay to scream from wherever you are in the country!

Prizes for Participants

Grand Prize
Our Grand Prize champion will win a brand new Lynx Gaming PC!

Additional Prizes
Additional prizes will be announced soon for second place, third place, and door/raffle prizes for weekly competition.  Everyone has a chance to win with Blaze Fire!

Blaze Fire Games Store

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Schedule Format

All players will play 3 matches per league week against three assigned opponents. After Week 1, schedules will be adjusted to match players based on their relative strengths to make competition as fun and fair for all as possible. Games will be played a 6:30, 7:00, and 7:30pm CST.

If a player is unable to play a specific week or gametime, they may reach out to their opponents to reschedule an alternate time to play.

Official Rules


By registering for this league, you agree to all Blaze Fire Terms and Conditions.

Top 6 Teams View Schedule

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1UnicusHBCU Times13 20040 81107
2ACLopez611 70235 23100
3purpleunicycles7 40620 12-322
4CoachmillerDruid Hills Red Devil Gamers4 10913 3103
5asomeaBlaze Fire Games4 30910 9-322
6kaleballen1232 40116 12-212
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Tournament Updates

Win a Gaming PC in Today's Tournament - LAST CALL! Feature Image

Win a Gaming PC in Today's Tournament - LAST CALL!

It's officially GAME DAY and the Blaze Fire Tournament is nearly ready to kick off.  If you want a chance to win the Lynx Gaming PC, you need to show up and ready up for the tournament by no later than 2:20pm EST.

To participate and formally READY UP, visit the Match Lobby and say "I'm In":  Match Lobby Link

At 2:30pm, we will take all entrants and put them together in a competition format based on the number of participants.  But no matter what, someone today is winning this Lynx Gaming PC.  Will it be you?  Get in here now!

Questions? Comments?  We're in support to help you out!

Last Week of the Season Feature Image

Last Week of the Season

Welcome to the final week of the regular season!  The results of this final week will determine seeding for our tournament, including two coveted byes.

The official tournament will be Saturday, July 18 and will be open to additional players who can register to try to win our grand prize gaming PC.  If you have any friends who wish to join, encourage them to register!

If you have any questions, please reach out and let us know.  Good luck tonight!

Week 1 Begins Tonight Feature Image

Week 1 Begins Tonight

The regular season kicks off tonight as we formally launch the Blaze Fire Games League!  Thanks to all who participated in the Preseason.  For those who missed it, don't worry, you have your chance tonight.

We also have a new Reschedule Match feature so if you cannot make your match tonight, please use this feature to reschedule your game for later this week.  Remember - you have 7 days to report your scores! 

Here's some more info about that process.  Good luck tonight!


How to Reschedule Your Matches

We know for many players, they were unable to attend their designated start time and/or their opponents did not show up for their match.  In order to help with this process, we are introducing a new "Reschedule Tool" that will help you suggest reschedule times so you and your opponent can connect.  

Reschedule Tool

As this is a new tool, we are Extending the Match Deadline for Week 1 games by a full week.  You now have an additional 7 days to play your games so make sure you try out the Reschedule Tool so you do not get marked for a forfeit.

How to Reschedule

Welcome to the Blaze Fire Games Tournament Feature Image

Welcome to the Blaze Fire Games Tournament

Tonight, we officially kick off the Blaze Fire Games League and Tournament!  We wish all of the competitors luck as they move forward in their question to take the first official Blaze Fire Games Championship and take home the grand prize of a new Lynx Gaming PC.  

The format for this competition is a 6-week regular season in which players will compete in 3 matches against their opponents each and every week.  This regular season will determine the players who qualify for our Blaze Fire Games Tournament in July, where our Champion is ultimately crowned.

If you are receiving this email, you are registered properly and scheduled to play in tonight's kick off event.  As this is everyone's first event, we are considering this week as a Preseason week, meaning the results from your matches will not count towards the final standings.  Use this as an opportunity to learn the system, practice, and get to know some of your competitors.

An FAQ follows with the most common questions and links to tutorials and guides that help you understand how to find your matches and report scores.

Your Match Schedule will be officially posted at 4pm central time, so please check the site after that time to receive your official schedule.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please use our support feature on the site or feel free to email me at  

Good luck tonight!


Do I have to play tonight at 6:30, 7:00, and 7:30pm?
We highly recommend that all players block out Wednesdays and these timeslots to make it easier for all participants to find their opponents.  However, we know things happen and those times may not work sometimes.  You are able to contact your opponent and reschedule at a mutally agreed upon time within 5 days of your scheduled match.  How to Reschedule a Match

What if my opponent does not show up?
If you show up to your lobby and you do not get any response from your opponent, they may have fallen into the category described above and were unable to make it.  Please be proactive and send your opponent a Direct Message which will email them and alert them about your match.  From there, you can communicate and re-schedule for a time that works for both of you.  How to Reschedule a Match

What is the Match Format?
Standard Rocket League Soccar 1v1, best of 3.  Full League and Game Rules

How Do I Play Against My Opponent?
GYO is not integrated into Rocket League, so you will need to use the GYO platform in order to find your scheduled matches, communicate with your opponent, and connect to them in the game.  Here are instructions on how to do just that:  How to Play in Leagues

How Do I Report Scores?
After you complete your match, the Winner of the match should return to the GYO Game Lobby in order to report your score.  Do not forget to do this, as this is how we update the standings!  Instructions are at the bottom of the previous link: How to Play Your Matches.

This event is an independent production not affiliated with or sponsored by the game publisher or its licensors.


Important Dates

New Player Registration
May 18 - Jul 18

Group Stages Dates
Jun 3 - Jul 8
Scheduled Day: Wed

Jul 18

Contact League


  • GYO Score - Conferences - Blaze Fire Games Conference

Game Details

Rocket League


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