In partnership with Indiana Youth Soccer, we will help players continue to drive a competitive spirit through online esport.

A Tool for Coaches, Players, and Parents

Bringing Players Together in the Spirit of Digital Competition

All Indiana Youth Soccer Clubs are invited to create a custom Youth Organization portal for free on GYO. This will allow the clubs to invite their players and their parents into a central system that will allow players to communicate with one another safely in order to coordinate esports play.

Each Youth Org portal will be curated and messages monitored to ensure safe gameplay, and only players that are part of the Club will be allowed to participate. This will help the players bond over gaming while they await the return of grass play.

To get started, contact us and provide us with your Club information and we will setup your custom Youth Org and provide you with instructions on how to promote and operate.

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Champions eLeague Series Coming Soon - FIFA '20

Indiana Soccer has teamed up with Champions eLeague to develop a digital esports league for the FIFA 2020 video game, starting in March. This coordinated league will mirror a grass soccer schedule to take advantage of time players now have free due to soccer cancellations.

Each Youth Club will have their own custom version of this league, allowing them to schedule their players against one another.

This series is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc. or its licensors.


A GYO Youth Org has access to dozens of features to help them manage their esports programs.

Player Manager

Track players and their parents. Registration limited to verified youth soccer players.

Club Brand Manager

Customize to promote your program, your way.

Parent Manager

Track contact information and communicate with parents.

Advertise and Promote

Offer value to your sponsors and partners through advertising.

Schedule Events

Schedule practices, meetups, leagues, and more.

Track Player Performance

Track player performance and progress over time.

Community Chat Channels

Monitor players as they use centralized community chat.

Recruit New Members

As you promote, new players may discover your club and ask to join!

Find Out More Information

Are you a representative from a soccer club outside Indiana? We want to support you, too! Contact us!