How GYO Works

GYO is a scoring algorithm that takes into account personal versus team performance and puts the power back into the player's hands by allowing them to specifically designate the games that matter the most. By joining GYO, you're gaining access to deeper analytics than ever before, and you're putting yourself in front of thousands of colleges recruiters, pro esports scouts, and teams seeking players so that you may one day join the ranks of professional esports stars.

Data analytics and sabermetrics for gamers worldwide.

A deeper look into standout individual performances that value efforts beyond the basic statistics.

Esports Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Past performance dictates future success. We show you how your gameplay will translate to future titles before they release.

Esports Automated Coaching

Automated Coaching

We alert you when your stats don't align with expected results, giving you targeted advice for where your game needs improvement.

Get Discovered

If you opt-in, we will share your data directly with universities, scouts, and pro-esports organizations to help you get discovered.

Your Abilities. Your Skills.
Define. Set Goals. Execute. Dominate.

Raw statistics in team games only tell a partial story, and your true skill may be overshadowed by game mechanics and trolls.
GYO is here to tell the real story.

Your Performance Matters.

With most games, your rank lives or dies based on your team's performance. Playing with a toxic troll? Someone on your team lags out? Get paired with a griefer?

Regardless of your actual performance, your rank suffers.

With A.I. powered deep analytical processing, your GYO™ score cuts through the noise and analyzes your real play and contributions to the team, in ways raw statistics don't cover:

  • Role-based GYO Metrics
  • Character Strength Considerations
  • Meta Play / Off-Meta Analysis
  • Individual vs. Team Score Metrics
  • Reduced Emphasis on K/D/A
  • Allow recruiters, coaches, and teams
    to contact you for opportunities
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