How GYO Works

GYO is a platform designed to help players pursue a dream of esports stardom. For many players, this will allow them to earn esports scholarships so they can play for their collegiate teams. For others, they'll pursue esports further as a professional career. Either way, GYO represents the starting point on the player's journey for their dream.

The GYO Score algorithm takes into account personal versus team performance and puts the power back into the player's hands by allowing them to specifically designate the games that matter the most. By joining GYO, you're gaining access to deeper analytics than ever before, and you're putting yourself in front of thousands of colleges recruiters, pro esports scouts, and teams seeking players so that you may one day join the ranks of professional esports stars.

Your Abilities. Your Skills.
Define. Set Goals. Execute. Dominate.

Raw statistics in team games only tell a partial story, and your true skill may be overshadowed by game mechanics and trolls.
GYO is here to tell the real story.

GYO Score

Understand where you stand and where you need to go.

Players currently have to dig through mountains of spreadsheets and record player results manually. This is valuable time they could be spending developing talent and strategy.

With GYO Score, we track your gameplay data and provide you with GEM metrics related to your platstyle compared to other players. As you adjust your playstyle to improve various elements of your game, your GYO Score will adjust with you and show you that you're on the right path.

Try Outs & Recruiting

Combines and Leagues to Help You Get Discovered

GYO players can participate in a number of various combines, leagues, tournaments, and other events designed to help them build their reputation and show off their skills. Players must put themselves out there to get discovered, and we help them do just that.

Our Esports Combines are unique events that specifically measure your performance during heavy competition. Our esports and gaming leagues feature both social and competitive leagues for participants to hone their skills. If you're looking to get active in esports, our events help you do just that.

Clan Management

Manage Your Social Groups and Friends

With Clan Management and Team Management tools, GYO provides players a way to organize and manage their gaming clans and friends groups, and track their gameplay data over time. Clans and teams feature custom leaderboards so you can settle the argument of who is best in your group!

For professional esports organizations, we have esports organizer tools through GYO Dashboard which help you maximize the potential of your rosters.

Create Your Group

Want to rally fellow gamers to your team or group? Create a free group profile page on GYO.

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