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    5 Tips to Improve at League of ... Feature Image

    5 Tips to Improve at League of ...

    Though Riot Games released League of Legends back in 2009, the MOBA saw a spike in popularity with its integration into the esports community. Tournaments have provided players an outlet to enjoy the fast-paced action while making a name for themselves in the booming competitive industry. But how does one go from playing League of Legends as a hobby to competing in esports against the most talented players? 

    League of Legends Registration! Feature Image

    League of Legends Registration!

    Good Morning, summoners. We are one day away from the Golden Dragon League of Legends Invitational, if you have NOT registered for the tournament, I've attached a link here: https://gyo.gg/org/esports-combine/tt/golden-dragon-lol/lol-inv-sat-sept18/teams/ We have moved all of the FREE AGENT PLAYERS to the players tab that can be found here: https://gyo.gg/org/esports-combine/tt/golden-dragon-lol/lol-inv-sat-sept18/players/. If you're looking for others to play this event with, this will be the key you need. 
    Please join the Golden Dragon Discord if you have yet to do so (https://discord.gg/YTPf6Bpx)
    Thank you!
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