The GYO data dragons are fed by data, and the more data that they consume, the better and more accurate the results are in the end. Therefore, it is our goal here at GYO to accumulate as much play data as possible from you - our players! By signing up and connecting your account with GYO, we will begin analyzing your data and providing you with automated feedback for your play. If you are able to participate in our esports combines and climb the ranks, you can find yourself receiving college scholarships or invitations to participate in gaming leagues and pro teams around the world.


If you are in middle or high school, and want to try to earn esports scholarships, you can do so here at GYO. Think of us as a scouting service - we analyze your data, package it up, and ship it off to recruiters around the world. If you're eligible for an esports scholarship, the colleges will reach out to you directly through the platform.
Esports Scholarship Directory


For those that have graduated or look beyond school, we provide the same scouting and recruiting service to esports teams and organizations around the world. Connect your account to GYO and play in leagues and tournaments around the world, and your data will be automatically compiled and shared with esports teams. You can track how many people are following your progress, and receive recruitment invites.
How to Go Pro


Hey, man, not everyone is trying to go pro, and that's cool. Some of us just want to be able to brag amongst our friends and within our clans, and you can do that on GYO too. Create a clan and add your friends, and we'll create custom leaderboards that focus exclusively on your performance relative to your peers. Even if you won't be hoisting the trophy, you can still hoist the bragging rights among your friend group. Look for casual, local leagues and tournaments that you can join as well!
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What Can I Do on GYO?

The purpose of GYO is to help facilitate more interesting and fun play at amateur and mid-tier levels of competition, so we have provided tools that allow players and organizers to list, promote, and grow their own esports scenes - for free.

Leagues and Tournaments

Whether you're creating or joining, you can access basic management tools to find new events or players.

Looking for Group

If you're ready to try to form a new team or clan, post a Looking for Group and promote your opportunity.

Follow the Pros

We track and analyze esports pro data as well, and try to keep up with the scenes in our news and features sections.

This is Nifty. How can I help?

We're glad you asked! We think our platform can only truly thrive with the support and aid of the community, so we're looking for community leaders in each of our key games to help us with defining and analyzing the meta, contributing new content, checking the statistics and figures, and making sure our data dragons are laying golden eggs and not... well... the other thing dragons would probably lay. If you love data and love analyzing the meta of your favorite games, please check out our meta analyst page and consider joining our Discord.

Hosting for all this data is quite expensive as well, so we would greatly appreciate you disabling your AdBlock software for our site, or consider becoming a premium member. It is our desire to offer the vast majority of our data and services for free, but if you're able to chip in towards our cause we will be eternally grateful. We have a special Founder's Pack for those who are feeling particularly generous and want to truly contribute to the future success of our platform.

What Do You Do with My Data?

Only whatever you tell us to do with it.

At a base level, we collect the types of raw data and statistics that can be found from an in-game leaderboard, or game results screen. These statistics are connected to your public in-game username, but we do not connect your personal data or reveal your personal data to the world at large. Your raw play data is fed directly to our data dragons so we can calculate the average of play around the world, and establish important metric baselines for expected performance. Any personal data we collect is used only in a broad, demographical-analysis type fashion and we do not sell your personal data without your explicit consent.

When you sign up for our GYO Premium Services, we do reveal your personal data to precisely the people you want to see it - recruiters. College recruiters, esports scouts, league and tournament organizers... These are the types of people who need to be able to contact you, and we make that happen (with your explicit consent!)

If you're noticing a trend here, you should! We do a lot with data, but at all times we look for your permission before we do anything. If you don't like the idea of your data being used at all and would rather not even have your statistics analyzed anonymously, you can submit a data removal request here.

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