Scholastic esports play has the opportunity to truly address students in a new and unique way, reaching players who previously were unable or unwilling to participate in team activities. Early results are staggering as well, as esports has been shown to improve attendance and GPA.

For high schools, you are often dealing with minors and so when you create a High School organization and register your players, they all register under “Anonymous” accounts that are not visible to the larger player database. While other players can see that your participants exist and can see their scores, we do not show them any other connecting data (not even their public gamertag).

In order to unlock and promote their gameplay and their potential opportunities for college scholarships, parents must create an account and proceed through and account linking and account verification procedure in order to unlock the most of their child’s potential. Only with parental consent and guidance can a child on GYO interact with esports scouts.

For Colleges, you gain the benefits of a new fertile recruiting ground of students who have shown higher interests in higher education, maths, and sciences.

For both high schools and colleges, create your official organizational page so that students in your region can find you and learn more about your programs.

Are you ready to start your scholastic esports program? We have partnered with NACE and Aperion to provide schools with all the building blocks they need to achieve success for their program. Please Contact Us today!

On our platform, you can use our tools to fully manage your leagues or tournaments from registration through to completion. Setup and create “Seasons” to track play registrations across multiple events over the course of time, and registration pages will allow for either Team or Player registrations. Payment processing is handled by us as well* if you choose to do so, but this is optional.

All of your leagues, tournaments, and events will be posted to our esports calendar and we will promote your events to local players in your area.

If you are using a third-party management platform for your leagues and tournaments, that’s okay too! While creating your listing, simply indicate that you have a third-party URL and add the link. We’ll still promote you, and we will still help you get players.

* 2.99 per transaction plus credit card fees. 0 dollar fees on cash transactions or transactions that happen offline that you simply record in our system.

Sometimes you’re not in the gaming scene to make a buck, you just want to organize your friends. We’re super cool with that, and welcome you to use our clan management features to do just that!

When you create a clan, you can invite your fellow players into that clan in order to coordinate them for events, leagues, tournaments, or just to talk some smack. When your clan plays a supported game*, we automatically create a player pool for just your players and we calculate just your statistics against one another. So if you’re curious who among you is truly the best, our clan management features make settling the feud an easy option.

* Clans can be made for literally any game, but only some of our games have stats support. See our full list here.

When you’re ready to gather up players and hit the big time, look to GYO for all of your player management, historical tracking, and event management for your pro organization or team. With GYO, you can add all of your players, create and manage rosters, and track their statistics over time as they play in both official and unofficial matches for you.

For smaller start up teams that only compete in one title, create a Team to make sure you’re focused in. For large Pro Orgs that have multiple teams in multiple games, go ahead and make an Organization. Don’t worry, you can always upgrade from a Team to an Organization later, so if you’re unsure just pick team.

As esports gaming centers, LAN centers, and arenas gain in popularity, GYO will be there to support them, promote them, and help their players play to the highest heights. On GYO, create your own venue listings with your address, contact information, and event information in order to promote your location to all of our players so that they may visit.

If you are operating your LAN center using GYO-supported software, we have a special bonus for you: Your players are being scouted. As a GYO-powered facility, you can promote and market that when players play with you, the scouts for college scholarships and pro opportunities are all watching and may reach out to them to receive further information and potentially recruit them to their programs.

Find out more about how this works, and contact us to get your facility GYO-powered today.

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