Webinar Date

Wednesday, December 9

Two Sessions Available!

Online Safety for Your Young Gamers

You Can't Keep Them Offline Forever. But You Can Help Keep them Safe.

Every year, companies release video games before the holidays to create excitement, so children can add them to their Christmas list. As a parent, you want to bring a smile to your child’s face as they open their gifts and see the video game. Your child giggles, dances, and gets all excited, and wants to play the game as soon as possible.

However, one thing parents need to be vigilant about is online safety in video games. Your child and others have the ability to play and interact with anyone online. This holiday season, our partner, AYCE is creating a town hall to inform parents on keeping their children safe as kids play their video games as well as tips on finding age-appropriate video games.

Come join us on Thursday, December 9th for this town hall. There will be two, 30-minute sessions that parents can choose from.

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