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Put your scholastic goals into overdrive.

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GYO has teamed up with Next College Student Athlete (NCSA) to help players accomplish their dream of playing esports in college. Their team of 750+ experts will help you and your family make sense of the recruiting process.

By selecting this box, we will create a free recruiting profile within their database to help you connect with over 35,000 college coaches. A member of the NCSA scouting team may reach out to verify your information.

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  • Premium Recruiting Profile
  • Guaranteed Introduction to Minimum of 5 Esports Scholarship Programs
  • Personalized Feedback on How to Improve Scholarship Opportunity
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With our recruiting service, our esports scholarship professionals review your information and provide you direct feedback on how to maximize your scholarship opportunities.

Once your profile is ready, we then introduce you direct to no fewer than 5 esports scholarship schools seeking players to get you started on your journey!

We will introduce you to scholarship opportunities or you will receive your money back. Guaranteed.*

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* GYO will introduce you to no fewer than 5 school coaches and administrators seeking scholarship candidates. Acceptance/approval/granting of scholarships is exclusively up to the discretion of school programs and not guaranteed.

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Do You Have What it Takes?

Pursuing professional excellence in anything takes a drive, determination, and dedication that is not for the faint of heart. It is no different in esports, where the stakes are high and the number of roster spots is low. While the pro scene may be out of reach for many - for now - the scholarship esports scene is growing and expanding and thousands players can join the hundreds of schools with emerging scholarship programs today.

Sign up and submit to us your data and some highlight clips, and our dedicated data analyst and esports coaching team will review you for your potential and help you see where you fit in the esports ecosystem. We will provide you with guidance on what parts of your game are working, and which ones aren't. And, most importantly, we help you understand where to go for next steps.

You need a place to start? We're here to help.

Sample Report

All players who participate at the Premium Combine level receive a custom data report from the event. This report is then shared with coaches and recruiters from esports programs around the world for scholarship consideration.

Click on the sample report image to enlarge and review.


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