Playing Your Matches

Once the league begins, you are responsible for communicating with your opponents, playing your matches, and reporting your end results. If you do not participate in your match, you may end up forfeiting your game or being disqualified from your league and future leagues.

Finding Your Matches and Competitions

After joining leagues and tournaments in GYO, you will see a new Orange button appear on your main navigation labeled "My Matches". This is your My Match Dashboard which will keep track of all of your leagues, tournaments, and the matches you are scheduled in.

When you visit the "My Matches Dashboard", your active league and tournament registrations will be listed at the top while your current schedule of matches show below. If you do not see any matches, it may be because your competition organizer has not published them yet. Please contact your competition organizer to find out more information about the schedule release date.


Navigate to the Schedule from the Competition

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If you are viewing the League/Tournament page, you can select "Schedule" from the competition menu. This will take you to the primary league schedule which will list all of your matches and games.

If you are playing in a league based on individual players, you will find your matches listed by your GYO username. If you are playing in a league with Teams, you will see the schedule listed by teams.

Individual Matches

Inside the schedule page, you'll see a full list of all of the scheduled matches of the league. For most leagues, the entire season-long schedule is planned in advance so you can see all matches ahead of time. This allows you to know your opponent and plan in advance.

Clicking on the Match Menu next to each individual league match will open up additional opportunities. These allow you to send messages to your opponents, visit the Match Chatrooms, and more. If you are looking to engage with your next match and/or the opponent for that match, this is the best place to start.

When ready to play in your match, you should join your Match/Game Page and find the Live Chat discussion section.

League Schedule

Individual Match/Game Page

Within the Match/Game Lobby, you will be able to directly interact with all players who are participating in your match. Here, there is a chat room that allows you to declare your attendance and chat with other players. Within this chat, we recommend communicating with all involved in order to schedule and play the match.

Share your gamertags and the match connection information, and get ready to play!

We highly recommend you record your gameplay, or take screenshots of the end result screens. This will help alleviate reporting issues later, if they arise.

League Schedule

Report the Results

Don't forget the most important step - Report Your Results! After you complete your match, return to the Match Lobby in order to report the score and update the standings. Take a picture of the end-game results with your phone and upload to the site as proof of the game.

If your opponent was great, don't forget to leave them a review! Likewise, if you feel you need to report something that your opponent was doing wrong, you can report that information to the admins here.

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