Messages vs. Offers

GYO has two formal messaging systems intended to help players communicate efficiently with one another - Messages and Offers. These two messaging types are very similar, yet serve specific purposes. Messages are stored in the player's general inbox alongside alerts, notifications, and general chats. Offers, however, are explicitly separated from other types of messages so players and recruiters can focus on messages that are specific in their intent to generate a recruitment opportunity.

Messages are available for players at any user account level - free or paid. Offers are explictly available for paid GYO Recruiters only. When a player receives an Offer, they are much more likely to pay attention to it as they know that it has been certified to have been sent from an authentic source.

GYO is a Curated Space and All Messages are Subject to Review
GYO is a recruiting service and all messages are subject to review by moderators and support team to ensure proper rules and regulations are being followed.

For Recruiters - Which Should I Use?

To date, messages have a read rate of 25-35%, which is typical of many email/message service providers. By contract, our read and response rate for offers is 50%+. If you really like a player and want to ensure a response, send an offer.

Sending an offer is not a binding contract and players will be informed that all initial offers they receive are pending negotiation. Therefore we recommend recruiters use Offers as a first step for players they like rather than attempting to send messages first, and offers later.


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