How to Reschedule a Match

For some leagues and tournaments, the event coordinator may allow you to reschedule any matches you are unable to complete at the scheduled time. In order to do so, you must communicate directly with your opponent and schedule a time to play.

You can do this using the GYO Direct Message system which will contact your opponent and send them an email address. This process conceals the email address for both you and your opponent, so you will not expose personal information using this system.

Please login to your GYO account and then follow these steps. Note: Steps shown are best completed on a computer or large screen device as mobile steps may vary.

Finding Your Matches and Competitions

After joining leagues and tournaments in GYO, you will see a new Orange button appear on your main navigation labeled "My Matches". This is your My Match Dashboard which will keep track of all of your leagues, tournaments, and the matches you are scheduled in.

When you visit the "My Matches Dashboard", your active league and tournament registrations will be listed at the top while your current schedule of matches show below. If you do not see any matches, it may be because your competition organizer has not published them yet. Please contact your competition organizer to find out more information about the schedule release date.


Request a Reschedule

Once you have entered into your Match Lobby, you must communicate with your opponent to officially request a reschedule. If you have already "Readied Up" for the match, the Reschedule button will be near the top of the screen. If not, it will be in the middle of the screen with the Match Lobby.

Click on the button and a Pop Up window will allow you to suggest up to three dates for the reschedule. You have a limited time for the reschedule, so select a date in the appropriate range. Once you select your dates, this will send an email to your opponent to verify the reschedule.

Reschedule 1

Report the Results

Don't forget the most important step - Report Your Results! After you complete your match, return to the Match Lobby in order to report the score and update the standings. Take a picture of the end-game results with your phone and upload to the site as proof of the game.

If your opponent was great, don't forget to leave them a review! Likewise, if you feel you need to report something that your opponent was doing wrong, you can report that information to the admins here.

Reschedule 1