How to Play in Ladders

Ladders are competitive structures that are set over a period of time, but have no pre-arranged schedules attached. All players who enter a ladder can independently challenge one another, on their own schedule, in order to secure wins and climb up or down the standings and leaderboards.

For now, ladders are hosted by clans, youth organizations, pro teams, and others so if you wish to join a ladder, find an active community to join and ask that they enable a ladder for your group.

Finding Ladders on GYO

After you have joined up with a clan or organization, you can check their "Play" section of the community in order to see if they have any active ladders.

Join Ladders

Researching Ladder Competitions

Join Ladders

Once you have identified the game and the ladder you wish to participate in, you will need to select a Season. Ladders are broken up into seasons with definitive start dates and end dates, and the rules between seasons may differ. For example, one Season may be for solos while another may be for teams.

Browse into the Ladder/Game title you wish to play and click on the Season you wish to join. There, you'll be taken into the Season view where you can find further details on rules and the other teams already participating in the ladder.

Like what you see? Click the "Join" button to join the ladder and unlock the ability to challenge your opponents.

Challenging Your First Opponent

Start by Joining the Ladder by clicking on the "Join" button. This will allow you to select which of your teams you wish to enter in the ladder, or you will submit yourself if you wish to play solo. Once completed, you will be added to the ladder and have the ability to challenge opponents.

Browse the list of opponents in the Standings and you will now see orange "Challenge" buttons next to teams you are able to challenge. Prior to completing 3 placement matches, you will be unranked and free to challenge anyone you wish. After your placement matches, your options will be restricted to players near your skill level.

Issuing a Challenge is easy! Click on the challenge button and input a suggested date for your challenge, and feel free to include some friendly banter to your opponent. Once the Challenge is issued, your opponent will receive an email and have time to respond to your challenge. Be patient, it may take a couple days for them to see and respond. Feel free to issue several challenges at the same time to try and get your schedule full.

Join Ladders

Complete Your Matches

Once your Challenge has been accepted, it officially becomes a Match on the schedule and you can then complete your match, report your score, and see your updated rank on the Leaderboards. For more information on how to Complete Matches, please see the Playing Your Matches page.


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