GYO Dashboard for Esports Orgs

Dashboard Tools to Scout Talent, Manage Player, and Much, Much More.

The GYO Dashboard is an enhanced version of GYO that focuses on the needs of businesses and scouts.

The needs of our players and our esports organizations are very, very different. For most gamers, they are focused on their own stats or on configuring their profiles to be recruited and find teammates. For esports coaches and orgs, they want to spend more time finding players, and less time navigating their own statistics.

To alleviate navigation confusion and help both groups success, we are introducing GYO Dashboard - an exclusive tool for coaches, parents, team organizers, and league/tournament organizaers. This platform will strip away some of the bells and whistles and present new process tools to help these groups grow their organizations and discover the talent of the future.


  • Emphasized watchlist capabilities to sort players based on their skill rankings, demographic profiles, and more.
  • Simpler navigation with menus focused on tools and reports to help your organization grow
  • Multi-user account support to you can grant access to coaches and managers to help you with your account management
  • New detailed stats reports for players you watch and track
  • Automated alerts for when new players sign up who match your preferences
  • Coaching tools to create goals for teams and players to attempt to improve their performance
....and more coming soon!

GYO Dashboard is currently in BETA and therefore features a limited feature set that will be improved constantly leading up to a summer release. This platform is free for all esports organizers during this time.

To sign up and access, you must have an account that is an esports organizer or parent type. If you have an existing GYO account, you may change your settings here: Account Settings. Otherwise, please complete the account Setup Wizard to access.

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