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Wyoming Soccer Association-Esports
Wyoming Soccer Association-Esports

Wyoming Soccer Association-Esports

Casper, Wyoming

Founded: April 2020


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  • City Casper
  • State Wyoming
  • CountryFlag of USA
  • Phone (307) 742-2306

Bringing Soccer to the Youth of Wyoming Since 1978

At WSA, we provide access to a fun, safe and healthy game for kids of all ages. We offer recreational and competitive soccer programs that provide levels of play aimed at meeting the numerous needs and goals of ALL KIDS.

WSA provides a healthy activity through its recreational programs. These programs emphasize fun instead of winning. Every child is guaranteed playing time and the game is played in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.

For players with the desire to advance their skills, competitive play is offered. Highly competitive players may have their sights set on a college soccer career or ultimately playing for the National or U.S. Olympic teams.

The USYS/WSA Olympic Development Program (WSA ODP) is a great way for youth players with goals of advancing their soccer career to receive a higher level of training and coaching.

WSA is a member organization of US Youth Soccer. USYS is a nationwide organization of over 600,000 volunteers and administrators and over 300,000 dedicated coaches, many of whom are volunteers. USYS registers over 3,000,000 players, between the ages of 4 and 19, through its 55 member state associations. There is one in each state, with two in California, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas. WSA registers an average of 6,000 players per year and has over 300 registered, volunteer coaches. Volunteers are the backbone of youth soccer; the WSA board, member associations, coaches and other "support staff" consists almost entirely of volunteers.

In addition, through its affiliation with USYS, WSA is a member of the United States Soccer Federation and FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association). FIFA is the international governing body for soccer and the USSF has been a FIFA member since 1913.

Through its democratic governance structure, the membership of WSA is able to provide uniform rules, policies and guidelines. These guidelines facilitate intra-state, inter-state and international play and provide a structured appeals process. WSA’s operations, at the direction of the board of directors, are conducted by the board president, treasurer, secretary and vice president along with the staff of the state office. Each board member is elected to office by delegates from WSA’s affiliated clubs at the annual general meeting.

So come join the millions of kids having a ball. We’ve got a place for everyone. Call 307-742-2306 or send an e-mail to wssa@wyomingsoccer.com for more information on the programs offered by and benefits of belonging to a WSA affiliated club.

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